Sales Tracking

The Best Sales Tracking App in 2023 - Fieldproxy

Sales tracking apps are a great tool for businesses that are looking to improve the efficiency of their sales teams. Fieldproxy is the best answer for your field sales needs, regardless of the size of your business

Shoaib Ahmed
2 min read
May 27, 2023
Sales Tracking

The Best Sales Tracking App in 2023 - Fieldproxy

Shoaib Ahmed
May 27, 2023

What Is A Sales Tracking App?

A sales tracking app is an application that allows you to do literally everything related to sales - from taking attendance and recording important notes about the meetings you attend, creating a report for your supervisor at the end of your week on your contacts, as well as getting notifications and alarms for when a meeting you have the following day.

There are a number of different sales tracking apps that are available for android and iPhone, and they can be used to track any type of sales contact you have. This helps managers direct their sales teams towards more successful leads, optimize conversions, get more prospects, and whatnot. This is especially helpful if you are in a business where you need to remember quite a bit about your clients who buy from you or use your products and services.

This article is going to talk about some of the features as well as benefits that accompany sales trackers like this - and why Fieldproxy is a brilliant sales tracking app, tailored for your business needs. It will also include details on how it works, who could benefit from using an app like this, what kinds of reports it can offer, and more!

Who Should Use This App

A number of businesses use sales tracking apps for Android and iPhone in order to boost customer service as well as the efficiency and skill level of each person in the team that they work with on a daily basis. If you're in sales at all, a sales tracking app like Fieldproxy will definitely be something you would want to check out! You can always read more about why sales tracking is important on our blog.

With Fieldproxy, managing your sales team will be a piece of cake, through features like:

  • Cost-effective in the long run.
  • Access to information at any time from any computer with an internet connection (your survey data is backed up).
  • Easy and quick to create and save information when out in the field.
  • Photo notes are easier to attach than writing on the photos themselves thus making it cheaper for you as you need less paper, pens or pencils. More time in photo viewing mode.
  • There is an initial cost attached to buying this type of application but it's worth every penny if all goes to plan. Some field application software can be complex to use at first.

How Fieldproxy Can Help You

Fieldproxy is a full-featured software product with a mobile app that helps managers and teams of retail, pharma, FMCG, construction etc., to collect data in a structured manner. Managers can efficiently create tasks from a web-based dashboard and assign them to the agents on the field. You can also create and manage sales teams with minimum effort using Fieldproxy. The app is powered by advanced AI solutions that suggest the right tasks for the right technicians at the right time.

With Fieldproxy, you’re getting a lot of features for a lesser investment amount, and a faster working app that has all that your sales team needs, all in one place. It helps you get more things done faster and at a very efficient rate. In fact, studies prove that a large organization can cut management costs upto 45% per employee after implementing some kind of automated software.

By getting Fieldproxy, you’re also adding a whole list of tools to your sales force, including:

  • Attendance management
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Reading and Recording data onto the server from anywhere in the world
  • Building customized reports for sharing with multiple teams across the organisation
  • Building custom workflows with zero code.
  • No questions asked, absolutely free trial

Book a Fieldproxy demo today and see how we can help your sales tracking needs.

Closing Thoughts

A field sales tracking software that fulfils all these needs and more is Fieldproxy - a one-stop solution to all your field service management needs. With Fieldproxy, you can easily

  • Create unique dashboards
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Track systems with greater efficiency
  • Create and manage client requirements seamlessly.

And that's not all. With Fieldproxy, you can do so much more. Book a Fieldproxy demo and improve your field sales teams with just a few clicks today.

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