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Client & Partner Management Made Easy

Onboard New Clients & Partners
Add new leads, and customers easily with unique IDs and collect KYC information, location coordinates, digital signatures etc.

Data Validation with OTP Verification
Validate customer mobile numbers with a Two-step Otp Verification.

Algorithm based health index
Learn about the pipeline stage, the health and risk index, and algorithm-based recommendations for efficient client handling.

Route Optimization

Optimize routes for maximum efficiency
Plan your routes efficiently to save time and resources, improving overall productivity.

Track productive and unproductive visits
Stay informed about the success of your visits, distinguishing between productive and unproductive ones for better decision-making.

Stay in the loop with live activity feeds
Get real-time updates with live activity feeds, ensuring you're always in control and informed about ongoing activities.

Real-Time Activity Tracking & Target Management

Monitor target metrics from sanction to collection
Keep a close eye on your targets, tracking them from the initial sanction stage all the way to successful collection. Stay on top of your goals effortlessly.

Access monthly, quarterly, and yearly performance metrics
Access performance metrics at your fingertips. Monitor your progress on a regular basis with monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. Make informed decisions based on up-to-date data.

Algorithm-Based Collection and Recovery

Schedule collection visits intelligently
Let AI handle the heavy lifting by scheduling collection visits smartly. It considers overdue amounts, repayment history, and behavior to maximize your chances of successful collections.

Utilize AI insights based on history and behavior
Leverage AI-powered insights derived from historical data and customer behavior. This data-driven approach enhances your collection and recovery strategies, making them more effective and efficient.

Remote Attendance & Leave Tracking

Track attendance using GPS location data with accuracy and transparency
User-friendly mobile app for daily punch in and out, request leaves, and view their schedules
Automated alerts for late starts, early departures, enabling quick action
Seamlessly integrate with payroll systems to automate payroll processing

Go Offline, Stay Productive Anywhere

Operate seamlessly in remote or low-network areas
Allow field workers to log customer visit information like visit time, location, and purpose, without network interruptions
Facilitate offline payment collection by recording cash, check, or other payment types during field visits
Automatically back up offline data preventing data loss

Analytics reports

Create custom reports and dashboards to visualize data relevant to their specific roles and goals
Access detailed analytics on field agent performance, visit completion rates & collection efficiency
Utilize predictive modeling to forecast future revenue, default rates, and portfolio performance based on historical data
Mobile accessible dashboards for Field agents, to view their task and update information on the go

Empower Activities With Automation

Craft custom queries for updates and actions
Integrate data from multiple sources effortlessly
Automate reports, dashboards, and task scheduling
Stay informed with alerts and notifications

What brands are saying about FieldGoods

Assertively pursue synergistic imperatives for pandemic models. Professionally initiate future-proof intellectual capital without pandemic strategic theme areas. Dramatically reinvent accurate ideas without goal-oriented convergence.

"Location tracking is hard to managing my remote team. It helps improve efficiency and productivity by keeping tabs on employees' whereabouts. Highly recommend to any business in need of a reliable way to manage their remote workforce."

Abhishek Javeri
Director at PASL

"It is very much helpful to track our Field Executives who are working in field. Live tracking is a masterpiece. Selfie based attendance and leave record management is much helpful. Application is very much user-friendly for the field team."

Chief Operating Officer

"Fieldproxy provides the support we need to manage the key areas of operation at Indigo Paints. Among other things, it enables us to gain real-time data on site visits and provides supportfor our processes.”

Hr at Indio paints

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Assertively pursue synergistic imperatives for pandemic models. Professionally initiate future-proof intellectual capital without pandemic strategic theme areas. Dramatically reinvent accurate ideas without goal-oriented convergence.

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