Three Things Your Field Sales Teams Should Be Doing

If you're in a field sales job, you know how difficult it can be. Here are three things every field sales rep should be doing.

Shoaib Ahmed
3 min read
May 27, 2023
Field Sales

Three Things Your Field Sales Teams Should Be Doing

Shoaib Ahmed
May 27, 2023

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  • Three Things Your Field Sales Teams Should Be Doing
  • ---Give Your Sales Reps Data-Based Action Items
  • ---Use Mobile-Ready Software
  • ---Collaboration And Integration Is Key
  • Closing Thoughts
  • A Little Bit About Fieldproxy


A Harvard study has found that when one makes requests face-to-face, the requests work 34 times better than if they were made over email. Field sales representatives know how valuable it is to connect with their customers in person, as they spend most of their working days on the road meeting with clients and prospects.

Outside salespeople have a different skillset from inside salespeople. They play a more consultative role in the buying process and often perform hands-on tasks to drive deals forward. One important thing to remember is that field sales managers are responsible for keeping their reps' productivity and morale as high as possible.

Today, we'll talk about three strategies that will help make your field sales teams successful and also help your reps reach their fullest potential.

Three Things Your Field Sales Teams Should Be Doing

Give Your Sales Reps Data-Based Action Items

Sales managers should always have a large stock of facts and figures ready to take on any objections their prospects might have. Field sales reps should have several different types of data from which they can choose so that they are best equipped to highlight the value of their offerings in a particular environment.

If prospects or clients do not yet understand the value of what field sales reps are offering, train them about relevant benefits through sharing proof points (or testimonial/case studies), while keeping in mind the buyer’s perspective. Use infographics or white papers if you run out of relevant stories to tell, though putting this information across in layman’s terms is important to avoid coming across as patronizing;

For instance, if you want your prospect to trust you, then it’s more effective to portray yourself as someone who is like your prospect instead of someone who already has all the answers.

Use Mobile-Ready Software

All salespeople should use a CRM to help manage their customer relationships, but field-based employees selling complex solutions, in particular, must choose one which allows flexibility because their job often requires them to spend the entire day working remotely.

This type of user should be able to quickly pull up key client details and documents from their smartphone without needing to use their laptop. The employee should also be able to record new information received during a meeting into their CRM while they're on the go because deterring them from entering the data at end of the day will increase productivity because it works out as another task that would not need completing once the worker returns home for the night.

Get an automated flexible field-sales solution that works for your business.

Collaboration And Integration Is Key

On top of feeling lonely, field salespeople might not be receiving enough help from their managers in improving the way they do their job. Research shows that 46% of them say that they work best when collaborating with others.

So for this reason, managers should create channels of communication for their field sales team so they can get tips on how to improve. Things will flow more smoothly among the group if you use instant messaging rather than emails, which are more complicated for these types of conversations. You can also build better relationships with your direct reports over time by being approachable via chat at any point during their workday.

Closing Thoughts

Just like any other business, you need to be focused on your company’s vision and mission. If you don’t have a clear direction for your company, you won’t know what to prioritize. You need to make sure your customers are happy, and you need to make sure your employees are happy.

If you’re in a field sales team, you need to make sure your customers are happy with your product and service. And to achieve that, your team needs to have the right automated field sales solutions, proper management, and good communication among themselves. Find the right balance, and your team is off to a great start.

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