How Fieldproxy Is Helping Sales Teams

Fieldproxy is the best field service automation tool on the planet and here's why

Shoaib Ahmed
3 min
July 4, 2023
Fieldproxy Is Helping Sales Teams


Fieldproxy has improved a lot over the years, helping several clients automate their field sales operations and increase their overall numbers in the process. We've developed a lot more cool stuff and we can't wait to show you.

This article's going to take a look at all that stuff. Let's get started.

Fieldproxy Modules! They’re Cool Now

At first, Fieldproxy was this big superstore where everything and anything related to field sales could be done. Think of it as something like a Walmart-sized supermarket where everything is available!

Except, the problem with something as big as Walmart is you can easily get lost trying to find something. That is why we've come up with simple building blocks that we like to call Modules.

How Modules Work

Modules are simply a piece of a puzzle that you can use to suit your needs. Why would you need an expense management and report builder if all you need is for your employees to be able to check in and check out with minimal effort?

Modules help by giving you exactly what you need. And if at any point in time you need an extra module added, you can always add one on top of the other.

What Modules Does Fieldproxy Currently Offer?

Currently, we have deployed two of our most widely requested modules - AttendanceProxy and SalesProxy- and what a response we’ve gotten.

Here’s what Attendance Proxy helps your business with:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased control over employee activity
  • Greater focus

So How Does Attendance Proxy Work?

Under the Attendance Module, we've packed a lot of data-driven services to optimize your time and tracking needs. Here's all that you'll be able to do with Attendance Proxy

  • Create teams and upload users to track their data
  • Download and maintain attendance reports across any particular date range
  • View, sort and filter data records in real-time, with our interactive dashboard
  • Real-time location tracking, so you know no one's trying to pull the rug from under your feet.

For existing users, all of Attendance Proxy’s features will be transitioned in the coming weeks, but in case you haven’t yet, sign up for Attendance Proxy today!!

What Else Does Attendance Proxy Bring In?

With Attendance Proxy, you’re getting a lot of data-driven metrics, packed into one fun, intuitive app. Here are some of the features we’ve included in Attendance Proxy:


Your new dashboard is seamlessly easy to use, interactive, packs in a whole lot of data in a user-friendly manner, and just works. It’s like magic, and there’s no better way to explain it.

Location Tracking

We’ve added so much more to location tracking than just giving you the option to see where your employees are in real-time.

No, we’ve added where they have been, what route they’re currently taking, and what you can expect from them to get done before the end of the day. Location Tracking just got a whole lot interesting.

Managing Leave Requests

Your dashboard now allows you to approve or reject leave requests all in one place. You also have real-time updates to leave requests so you can always stay on top of what’s happening with your employees.

Plus a whole lot more. As we said, a lot of stuff happening at Fieldproxy, and it’s really fun, so keep watching this space to stay updated on our work.

What You Can Expect From SalesProxy

With SalesProxy, our team at Fieldproxy is bringing a few really cool stuff, like:

  • Geofenced Employee Task Management
  • Timed Visit Management
  • Live Location Tracking - Get real time visibility of your on-ground operations
  • Detailed employee metrics report
  • Customer-based data and metrics
  • Detailed reporting & analytics - track field agent performance, view organization level metrics and identify critical red flags

Closing Thoughts

We’ve got both SalesProxy and AttendanceProxy up for grabs on our website, so make sure to check them out.

In case you haven’t signed up for Attendance - our very own employee attendance management and monitoring tool, and sales tracking and monitoring solution - you can still get a free 7-day trial today. We’d love to help you set this up.

Just click here for a free demo of Attendance, and our team will ensure you get it up and ready by the time you finish your coffee.

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How Fieldproxy Is Helping Sales Teams

Shoaib Ahmed
July 4, 2023
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