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5 Sales Training Apps For Field Sales Reps

Are you in the field trying to sell your product or service to a customer, but can’t remember if you spoke to them before? What if you had a way to track your customer interactions and data in real time?

Shoaib Ahmed
2 min read
May 27, 2023
Field Sales

5 Sales Training Apps For Field Sales Reps

Shoaib Ahmed
May 27, 2023

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Sales reps feel like they need to work harder, but they shouldn't. They need to understand that there is more than enough time in the day to do all the things they want to get done and still manage their time effectively.

If a rep wants to save their own precious time and energy, they should find out what tools and software programs will help them streamline their workflow, so that instead of taking two hours of work it takes an hour.

From prospecting to closing deals, every stage of the sales process can be done more efficiently if you have the right sales training tool on your laptop or on your phone depending on where you are working from each day.

This way you make sure you stay updated with the ever-changing world of field sales, and also make sure your team is able to perform even better no matter how busy your schedule gets!

This article is going to help you exactly with this. Here’s a list of the top sales training apps for field sales teams and field sales reps, that you need to check out in 2021.

5 Sales Training App For Field Sales Reps


Bloomfire is a cloud-based enterprise-grade communication solution that helps users organize knowledge. It also shares the expertise of experts in every field. It includes solutions for teams to be more engaged with each other and design customized communication, collaboration and engagement applications for the workplace. It is an easy to use communication platform that helps empower sales teams in their bid towards achieving maximum productivity.

It supports report-based progress tracking and a flexible API to integrate with other compatible solutions.

Commercial Tribe

Commercial Tribe is a beloved cloud-based system that provides salespeople with the opportunity to grab up all kinds of information in real-time. You can grab text updates related to the product, marketing, or messaging at any point in time, and these get updated/delivered on-demand throughout the day.

The app has flexible training modules and interactive questions to grade students better. They really go all-in on their pieces of training.


This one is for all those sales reps who are trainers on top of being salespeople, but not necessarily excellent video publishers. Capabiliti makes it easy to drive sales training programs to employees and customers in an instant. But, we also help clients track the progress of their performers and motivate them to increase performance scores until they achieve desired goals.

Capabilities allow you to make comprehensive assessments with an array of interactive cards and starter kits that come with industry-specific templates ready to use for sales training, employee engagement, and surveys. is a learning platform that teaches sales teams how to reinforce best practices, accelerate performance and get more business. They provide tools that support relevant, real-time and automated learning that streamlines the growth of your team's focus on increased quality leads and improved conversion rates.

Selling To Zebras

Selling to Zebras has a comprehensive training and coaching system, helping accelerate sales cycles. Throughout multiple levels of management, they provide a wealth of knowledge that helps people learn the best ways to approach every step from utilizing different marketing methods to getting one’s foot in the door so as to pocket the most profit.

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