We Integrated Freshdesk With Fieldproxy (It Turned Out As Expected)

Fieldproxy is now LIVE on the Freshdesk marketplace. Here's how we solved a crippling use case for one of our clients. How Fieldproxy Syncs Seamlessly With Freshdesk (Real-time Case Study Example)

Shoaib Ahmed
3 minutes
June 13, 2024
woman looking up at a flowchart of Fieldproxy and Freshdesk integration

A lot of our prospects and customers asked if Fieldproxy provides integrations. Short answer - yes.

Do we integrate with your favourite CRMs and ERPs? Yes

But do we integrate with Freshdesk? YES!

When we did it for one of our clients, we made sure to document the entire flow, so you can get a front-row seat on how this integration between Fieldproxy and Freshdesk works

Let’s just show you.

How Things Work On Your Helpdesk

Storytime: One of our partners at Fieldproxy reached out to us. They were setting up Freshdesk for their client, and had a little predicament

While Freshdesk helps with the helpdesk aspect of service, you cannot really handle your field teams directly through the ITSM tool. Yes you can take down support requests, but how do you assign them to your technicians, then monitor their activity on the clients’ location, handle assets, and track everything else?

What do you do?

This is how our partner set up Freshdesk for the client

They then opened Fieldproxy and set up a communication pathway between Freshdesk and Fieldproxy. 

You can set up your integration with Freshdesk and Zendesk by checking out this guide

Now, there’s a process flow that their client needed to follow, so we jotted that down as well. 

This is how the client would need Fieldproxy to work out for them. 

Put them together using a few APIs, sprinkle a few magic blocks and dashboards together, build it into a native application….. Et voila!

Your favourite FSM app, now powering your favourite helpdesk solution. Fieldproxy now integrates with Freshdesk natively, and securely, inside your Freshdesk application.

Well, I’m not going to show you the client’s account exactly (wouldn’t be very GDPR of me), but here’s how it works as an overall solution

Fieldproxy is now LIVE on the Freshdesk Marketplace. 

Simply head over to Settings on your Freshdesk platform > Apps > search for field service, or FSM or just Fieldproxy > Install and play!

Want us to set this up for you? Book a call, or write to us at sales@fieldproxy.com, and we’ll set this all up for you in 30 minutes or less, right on the call.

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We Integrated Freshdesk With Fieldproxy (It Turned Out As Expected)

Shoaib Ahmed
June 13, 2024
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