Field Service Management For Freshdesk

Here’s a guide for your helpdesk agents to assign service tasks to your technicians on the field.

Shoaib Ahmed
4 minutes
May 14, 2024
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Salesforce redefined the 21st century with the revolution that is the CRM. Since then CRM solutions have continued building upon each other to build great products that help companies do great stuff, scale to great lengths.

Freshdesk is one such product, and it has created an incredible helpdesk software for over 5000+ internal teams.

It helps planners, dispatchers, and support staff of any company to accept, track, and answer support requests quickly, more intuitively, and in a more orderly way.

Now how do you take those support requests and pass them on to your field service teams? Simple, you get Fieldproxy

Here’s a guide for your helpdesk agents to assign service tasks to your technicians on the field.

Creating, Assigning And Managing Service Tasks on Freshdesk

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to manage service tasks for your field teams, right from Freshdesk:

Note: Freshdesk does not directly send your service ticket information to your field technicians, so you would need an FSM app for the helpdesk software. In this article, we use Fieldproxy’s native Freshdesk Integration to help us accomplish this task

Step 1: Install Fieldproxy on Freshdesk

Install Fieldproxy into your Freshdesk account by following this guide, or reading down below:

  • On your Freshdesk platform, head over to Admin > Support Operations > Apps
  • Search for Fieldproxy and click on Install
  • Add the API key from your Fieldproxy account to your Freshdesk account

Step 2: Create Job

Once a service request is registered on Freshdesk, you can use the native Fieldproxy app to Create a Job

Click on Create Job. You’ll notice that all the ticket details have been automatically populated into the platform.

Step 3: Add Customer Location

To enable Geotagging for service locations and Map View for Service Tasks, Click on the location picker button, and either enter the location manually, or pick out the location from the map.

Fieldproxy will populate the location in the Address field instantly

Now once the service job has been created, you can get instant updates whenever your service technicians update data on the Fieldproxy mobile app.

You can even click on the links attached to each update to get more detailed reports on each job on the Fieldproxy app

Bridging Notes (FAQ):

What is a service task?

On Freshdesk, a service task is simply a ticket that has to be or has been assigned to a service technician - now service technicians or field service operators are agents that work outside company quarters to deliver an in-person experience to the customer. This could be servicing an HVAC equipment, or even replacing a light bulb on the ninth floor of a commercial office space.

Service jobs could also include installations, repairs, maintenance jobs, and more. We commonly call them MROs, but you can just call them service jobs.

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Field Service Management For Freshdesk

Shoaib Ahmed
May 14, 2024
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