The Most Popular Apps On Freshdesk Marketplace

From field team management to timesheet tracking - we've covered a list of the most important Freshdesk apps that you need in your account today! Read now

Shoaib Ahmed
4 minutes
May 21, 2024
Person identifying apps on Freshdesk marketplace

Freshdesk is a great helpdesk software. Internal teams use it, and they use it well. As do 5000+ other teams. 

So here’s a list of five amazing tools that can take your Freshdesk experience to the next level.

No fluff, let’s get right into it.

What Are The Best Apps On The Freshdesk Marketplace?

Fieldproxy - Field Ticket Management Solutions

Blatant self-promotion, but Fieldproxy truly works great for Freshdesk customers that have field teams. Fieldproxy takes your support tickets, and creates service jobs against them, that can be assigned to your technicians in real-time, then monitored for activity and progress.

You can even customize the data points to collect relevant information from your customers in real-time, all the time.

Here’s how you can get the app from the Freshdesk marketplace: Click here

Stripe (by ChargeDesk)

ChargeDesk and Stripe have come together to make sure billing and payments related to your customers can be resolved without a hassle, straight from Freshdesk. 

You are also able to handle refunds and cancellations for customers, straight from the Freshdesk platform, allowing your helpdesk agents to save time between moving from one platform to the other, searching for customer information, pulling that out, verifying whether this is a valid request and then processing it.

Get the app for your Freshdesk platform right here: Get App

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey does a really good job of collecting post-service feedback from your clients. 

All you’ll have to do is install the app on your Freshdesk account, and everytime a service call is completed, simply open the SurveyMonkey app from the account, and click on Send Survey, and it will collect the feedback for you. 

Get the app over here: Install SurveyMonkey for Freshdesk

Jira Plus

Ever had to move back and forth between Jira and Freshdesk to escalate customer concerns to your product teams? Yeah well, Jira Plus ensure that doesn’t happen - pretty straightforward, right? 

The best part is that the Atlassian team releases constant updates to the integration, making sure it always works just perfectly for you.

Get Jira Plus for Freshdesk right here: Get Jira Plus


I love Slack. Everyone does. Probably why it has over 14 thousand downloads on the Freshworks marketplace. The concept is pretty simple. Connect it to your slack account, and any support issues get passed into your Slack channel (honestly where your support team actually hangs out)

Get Slack for your Freshdesk account right here: Install Slack for Freshdesk

Bonus Mention: Harvest

Harvest serves a very simple use case. Log the time taken for each ticket to solve, and process that time for SLA breaches - and it does that job really well. It allows you to categorise your timesheet logs, and then process payments - salaries, overtime, etc - without any hassle.

Great for Payroll teams, get the app here: Download Harvest for Freshdesk

Creating, Assigning And Managing Service Tasks on Freshdesk

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The Most Popular Apps On Freshdesk Marketplace

Shoaib Ahmed
May 21, 2024
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