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Five Types Of Sales Checklists For Your Business

There are five types of checklists for your business. You should use the right checklist for the right situation. If you have a team, find out how each type of checklist can help you. Read more here.

Shoaib Ahmed
3 min read
May 27, 2023
Sales Training

Five Types Of Sales Checklists For Your Business

Shoaib Ahmed
May 27, 2023


A sales process is a way to introduce an important idea that might otherwise be overlooked or less appreciated. The idea takes the form of a concept and goes through several stages until it is finally understood and internalized by the audience. It can sound complicated, but all it really involves is choosing the right content and organizing and presenting it in a way that clearly outlines its important message for everyone to see and understand.

For instance, a standard sales process would have the following steps: prospecting, preparation, approach, presentation, handling objections, closing, and follow-up.

Having automated checklists will help a great deal in getting your field teams or sales teams, in general, a lot more organized and efficient. This will undoubtedly help generate a lot more revenue faster for the company. So here are some checklists that you can create for your sales teams to optimize your sales processes.

Five Sales Checklists That You Can Use Today

Sales Training Checklist

Recruiting employees is a great way to revitalize your company and inspire new ideas in dynamic company culture. Hiring experienced sales team members ensures consistent revenue streams, giving you the resources to acquire ambitious new goals.

However, before hiring these new contacts it's important to be sure you have a plan in place that will train them effectively, or they will end up underperforming and not meeting their quota. A Sales Training Process Checklist allows companies to develop a consistent training procedure from beginning to end, making sure each new recruit is properly equipped with the skills needed to succeed within an organization's unique business model.

Weekly Sales Prospecting Checklist

Sales prospecting is like shooting fish in a barrel pointed at sharks that are chasing them because, well, they’re thirsty. Fish love juice boxes after all, and nobody is going to stop a hungry shark from getting its drink on. And just as a fish isn’t going to turn down a star offering of OJ you offer up on a platter, neither will your average prospect. That is if they know you have the juice to keep the sharks away from them.

Without prospects, you can’t close deals, and that’s exactly what a Sales Prospecting Checklist is here for; helping representatives in this position better understand their role on a week-by-week basis.

Order Processing Checklist

When it comes to ensuring a smooth sales strategy, those who are behind the wheel of the operation need to make sure they aren't leaving out any details. By checking every step of the process, from delivery to client satisfaction, you can ensure total client loyalty.

Effective sales order processing helps not only to confirm delivery but also to provide your client with everything they need to know about the status of their product. To do so you'll implement an order processing checklist, which can be used as an important bridge between you and your client. It allows you to confirm delivery information, including dates and times, with the client, as well as confirm delivery information with transport companies like courier services or local postal carriers.

Churn Prevention Checklist

Churn can be a major problem for SaaS companies, and something every entrepreneur should care about. A significant amount of growth in a startup is often tied to how well the company is growing its customer base, so churn is always going to be a serious concern.

To prevent your customers from churning you have to keep them engaged and in a case where they want to cancel - talk them out of it! One way you can achieve this is by creating a checklist that your sales team use when this issue arises. It should provide them with all the steps they need in order to prevent churn from happening.

Company Research Checklist

Unfortunately, many salespeople lack a thorough understanding of their target customers. This is a big mistake. A prospective customer is much more apt to listen to a salesperson who has taken the time to understand their organization and their needs in advance, which lets the customer know that your intent from the outset is to provide value no matter how small or large purchase might be.

By creating a Business Development Checklist, you'll ensure that your sales teams have reviewed all relevant statistics about existing clients in order to better understand what services they provide or products they sell and how well they do it - so when going through your copy at a later date for final edits, you can make changes if needed based on any new information you've gathered since.

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