Star Track Project

Read how Fieldproxy changed Startrack Project's solar operations. Service technicians now work smoothly due to enhanced job management, maintenance, callout coordination, and site survey accuracy.
July 2, 2023


Star Track Project, a leading solar company, specializes in providing solar backup solutions and standby diesel generators for electric power distribution. With a strong focus on sustainability and renewable energy, Startrack Project aims to deliver reliable and efficient solar solutions to its clients. To overcome operational challenges and improve their field team's productivity, Startrack Project integrated Fieldproxy, a End-to-end solution designed to optimize day-to-day operations for service technicians.

Obstacles In Star Track Project Growth Plans 

Installation Challenges

Before implementing Fieldproxy, Startrack Project faced difficulties in managing and coordinating solar installation tasks. Service technicians often encountered delays due to inefficient scheduling and limited visibility into job assignments. Coordinating with multiple stakeholders and ensuring a smooth installation process proved to be a daunting task.

Maintenance Management

Maintaining solar systems for clients required effective tracking of maintenance schedules, equipment usage, and timely inspections. Without a centralized system, service technicians struggled to stay on top of preventive maintenance tasks, resulting in potential equipment failures and dissatisfied customers.

Callout Coordination

When clients faced urgent issues or breakdowns in their solar systems, Star track Project's service technicians needed a streamlined process for callout coordination. Prior to Fieldproxy, technicians had to rely on manual communication channels, leading to miscommunication, delayed responses, and increased downtime for clients.

Site Survey Efficiency

Conducting accurate site surveys is critical for designing and installing solar systems that meet clients' specific requirements. However, without an efficient system in place, service technicians often encountered challenges in documenting and organizing site survey data, leading to potential design flaws and increased project timelines.

How Are Star Track Projects Doing Now?

By implementing Fieldproxy, Star track Project has witnessed significant improvements across their operations and achieved the following outcomes:

Enhanced Job Management

Fieldproxy's job management features enable service technicians to efficiently create, assign, and track job tasks. With real-time visibility into their schedules and comprehensive job details, technicians can prioritize tasks, optimize routes, and ensure timely project completion.

Streamlined Maintenance Processes

Fieldproxy's maintenance management module enables service technicians to track maintenance schedules, equipment usage, and generate automated reminders for preventive maintenance tasks. This streamlined approach has minimized equipment failures, improved system reliability, and increased customer satisfaction.

Efficient Callout Coordination

Fieldproxy's communication and coordination features have streamlined the callout process for Startrack Project. Service technicians can quickly respond to client requests, coordinate with the necessary teams, and provide timely resolutions to minimize system downtime.

Streamlined Site Surveys

Fieldproxy's mobile data collection capabilities have revolutionized site survey processes. Service technicians can capture and organize site survey data, including measurements, photographs, and customer preferences, using the Fieldproxy mobile app. This has resulted in improved accuracy during the design phase and reduced project timelines.


With the integration of Fieldproxy, Star track Project has overcome the operational challenges faced by their service technicians. The streamlined job management, maintenance processes, callout coordination, and site survey efficiency have contributed to increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and a significant boost in Startrack Project's growth plans. By leveraging Fieldproxy's capabilities, Startrack Project continues to deliver reliable solar backup solutions, while providing exceptional service to their clients in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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