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The Top Delivery management software solution to automate your workforce

Suman Raj
November 30, 2022

The Top Delivery Management Software Solution to Automate Your Workforce

Whether you have a small business or operate a larger enterprise, chances are you’ll need to manage your orders and deliveries. In most cases, this will involve using a delivery software solution. 

In today’s market, there are numerous tools and software solutions that can help with your delivery management needs. From in-house software to third-party vendors, the answers are all out there. 

When it comes to choosing the right solution for your company, you will find as many positives as negatives with every delivery management software solution you choose. 

With so many choices and so many variables to consider, how do you know which delivery management software is right for your business? 

Read on for information that will help you decide which solution is best for your organization.

What is a delivery management software solution?

Delivery management software is for more than just delivery drivers. These days, many companies have delivery departments of their own that need to stay up-to-date on order status and logistics. 

Delivery management software solutions help organizations manage the entire delivery process to ensure high-quality outcomes for end users. 

With a delivery management software solution, you can see all elements of your business in one place—from sales, finance, and operations to engineering and customer service. This gives you easy access to information about where your projects are at any given time, so you know when something needs attention or how it’s performing against expectations. 

The goal of these solutions is to make it easy for every team member to collaborate, track and review every step of the process from start to finish. They also streamline data entry and automate processes like user onboarding, payment authorizations, and more.

There are many different options available when it comes to which delivery management software is the best for your business. 

Read on to discover more about the features of the delivery management software solutions available.

Features of Delivery Management Software solution


Locations are geotagged with GPS coordinates for accurate monitoring of on-field agents.

Geotagging helps you keep an eye on your field agents in real time so you always know where they are and what they're doing. Boost your business efficiency by 40%

Visit Timings And Scheduling

Get a complete overview of all tasks with a view on a single screen. Get notifications when a task is due. You can also delegate tasks directly from the system.

Reduce bottlenecks in your business processes by letting your agents know when you want them to do certain tasks, such as answering emails or making coffee.

Advance planning and scheduling of visits can help optimize your field order operation. This allows you to better plan and executes your visits, which can save time and resources.

Route optimization


Routes are created by uploading GPS (Google map) files or by entering the address of a customer. You can set a maximum number of field service locations per customer. With the route optimization feature, you can also select which days of the week your employees visit customers.


Managers can view the daily schedule and monitor the progress of all the assigned routes. This information helps to plan more efficient routes.


Attractive dashboard

Get visibility into your field team's performance, and you will be able to see exactly where they can improve, how well they're performing, and how their contributions can skyrocket the entire team. 

Your on-ground agents can view recorded data in real-time dashboards and generate reports on the go.

Integrated CRM

Integrate with your existing HRMS, CRM, and ERP solutions to automatically assigned based on location and agent availability. 

You can even dynamically assign tasks based on priority, specific teams, or even individual users.

In today's market, there are many options to choose from when it comes to enterprise software solutions. But how do you know which one is right for your business? Here, we've done the research to bring you the best pick for your organization.

Which is the Best Delivery Management Solution?

Delivery management software is essential to ensure a hassle-free, on-demand inventory of your products. Whether you run a small eCommerce business or a large retail chain, it’s important to have an integrated system that automates the process of ordering and tracking your orders. It’s also imperative to make sure that customers are able to place an order at any time of the day or night without having to wait for someone to check stock availability or manually input stock data into your ERP system.

That being said, not all delivery management software solutions are created equal. In this article, we will explain why FieldProxy is the best solution for businesses seeking a robust and reliable inventory tracking solution with minimal setup requirements.

Fieldproxy is an all-in-one field service management application that also functions as a delivery management system and pick up monitoring tool. 

It is a full-featured software package that assists managers of a variety of industries - retail, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, real estate, and construction - to compile data in a structured format, process it quicker and more efficiently, and organize their life more efficiently.  

If their employees are managed using the software, managers can create workflows for them and assign tasks instantly. 

Users can access the software's mobile app to get field updates in real-time. With Fieldproxy, you can receive location information and time entries in real-time. You can receive all of your field service and employee tracking needs in one package with Fieldproxy.

Fieldproxy’s Delivery management solution is quick and easy to use - here is a detailed video tutorial to show you how it works!

Fieldproxy - a one-stop solution to all your field service and employee tracking needs. With Fieldproxy, you can easily

  • Create unique dashboards
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Track resources with greater efficiency
  • Create tasks for different employees and manage them seamlessly.

And that's not all. With Fieldproxy, you can do so much more. Book a demo and improve your field sales teams with just a few clicks today

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