Go Social Or Go Home - 10 Ways For Your FMCG Business To Overcome Social Media FOMO

Has your boss made it clear that your company has to get on the social media bandwagon? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the top 10 tips for your FMCG business to overcome FOMO and succeed in the digital era. Take a look!

Shoaib Ahmed
4 min
July 5, 2023
10 Ways For Your FMCG Business To Overcome Social Media

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  • Introduction
  • Why Should You Care About Social Media Presence For Your FMCG Brand?
  • Top 10 Social Media Tips For FMCG Brands
  • ---Engage Through Instagram Stories
  • ---Make Use Of Influencers
  • ---Sell On Social Media
  • ---Personalized Messaging For Customers
  • ---Encourage And Notice Brand Mention
  • ---Invoke Social Responsibility
  • ---Utilize Chat Options To Engage With Customers
  • ---Choose Platforms Carefully
  • ---Explore Regional Content
  • ---Initiate Fun Competitions And Activities
  • A Little Bit About Fieldproxy


Social media has become a household name throughout the world, thanks to field service digitalization. I'm sure everyone has talked about how social media is corrupting young minds, in your school or college debate. On the flip side, social media is an extremely powerful tool to spread awareness, let out your creativity and gain knowledge. FMCG Brands have upped their marketing strategy by utilizing social media and have been attracting traction by constantly engaging their customers. To know more, keep reading this article!

Why Should You Care About Social Media Presence For Your FMCG Brand?

FMCG Brands like Dove, L'Oréal, and Nescafé have created amazing social media campaigns to promote their products. They have also included social and environmental issues as easter eggs within their promotional campaigns. Constantly engaging their consumers through Instagram stories, continuous tweeting, and using a variety of platforms like Snapchat have pushed their marketing tactics to a higher level.

Countless brands under the FMCG sector strive to reach the pinnacle of success through extensive marketing. With so many brands channeling their creativity and making the best out of social media, it is inevitable for some brands to have FOMO! This can be tackled only with a unique and effective social media marketing strategy.

Here are 10 ways to up your social media marketing game and say bye to FOMO!

Top 10 Social Media Tips For FMCG Brands

Engage Through Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the best ways to engage your customers daily. It is a medium that encourages tapping the creativity of the brand and promotes your products. With inbuilt poll options, creative stickers, and funky texts, the brand can portray its fun side and attract all age groups. It also has provision for adding links and tagging pages helping FMCG brands to gain more traction.

Make Use Of Influencers

Onboarding fashion and lifestyle influencers to promote your brand will extend the target audience base and help in spreading awareness of the product in an organic wave. It also helps in building trust and credibility among the consumers.

Sell On Social Media

There are times when people look at a Facebook or Instagram post and are tempted to buy that product. When there are no direct methods to buy at that instant, they often avoid searching up the website and end up not buying it. Driving sales directly through social media can compel the consumer to impulse buy. Using the 'shop' feature in Instagram or linking the product on Facebook, FMCG brands can enable ways where consumers can directly get hold of the product.

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Personalized Messaging For Customers

Consumers feel validated when the brand personalizes messages without generalizing them. Social media platforms have come up with various means to encourage personalized interaction. This increases customer loyalty to the brand and its retention rate.

Encourage And Notice Brand Mention

Resharing customer opinions on brands and engaging them with their satisfaction towards the brand is another way to make the consumers feel respected and valued. Interacting with them through comments, resharing posts and stories boost customer experience. Netflix India has been a classic example and its social media page has been loved by all.

FMCG Sector

Invoke Social Responsibility

Consumer these days are well aware and informed about the issues of the world. The present generation is likely to get attached to a brand that is socially and environmentally aware. Taking a strong stance on social and environmental issues creates a positive brand image and promotes customer loyalty.

Utilize Chat Options To Engage With Customers

Artificial intelligence has made what was once impossible, possible. Engaging with customers through chatbots promotes personalization. Through these, customers can contact employees, sort out any queries, and so on.

Choose Platforms Carefully

Identify your audience and accordingly choose the required social media platforms. For example, Snapchat might attract only a few of the millennials and is useless for other older age groups.

Explore Regional Content

Tapping into regional content can cover the grassroots of the society. Content in regional languages is likely to attract a huge rural audience. Patanjali is one brand that has made sure to include campaigns drafted in regional languages.

Initiate Fun Competitions And Activities

Organizing fun campaigns centering around several products of the brand will help in triggering participation and hence improve customer experience. It also provides an opportunity to familiarize the audience with the products of the brands.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of brands in FMCG that have resorted to social media as a crucial way of marketing. Differentiating them from those who achieve extraordinary results is by effectively strategizing. This article had covered 10 ways brands can make use of social media to give an edge over other competitors.

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Go Social Or Go Home - 10 Ways For Your FMCG Business To Overcome Social Media FOMO

Shoaib Ahmed
July 5, 2023
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