SaaS Event Marketing In 2023 - A Beginner's Guide for SaaS Companies + Examples

4 steps on how to create the perfect networking campaign and scale your future campaigns with zero overhead costs in 2023

Shoaib Ahmed
7 min
June 2, 2023
SaaS Event Marketing In 2023 - A Beginner's Guide for SaaS Companies + Examples

Don’t let the “gurus” confuse you. There are only two ways to really market your business:

  • Run Paid ads
  • Reach out and tell the whole world about you and your company, by yourself.

None of these two are better than the other, but both are critical to your organization. Luckily, the internet has made reaching out to everyone much easier. But for those high-ticket deals that still live under a cave, in-person networking and relationship-building is one of the most effective, true ways to build strong partnerships.

In this article, we’re going to take you on Fieldproxy’s journey to executing the perfect in person event, building strong relationships and most of all, generating measurable revenue. Let’s get started.

First, A Little Context

We’re going to be breaking down our first (and best!) events till date, splitting apart and analyzing each step we took, and of course the results. Which, in case you’re wondering, is a spectacular 20x of our invested revenue! Yep, it works.

Here’s how we went about this campaign:

  • Pre-Campaign Research
  • Standing Out From The Crowd
  • Killer Execution
  • Documentation For Remarketing

#1 Pre-Campaign Research

Before jumping into the seat it is important to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. So we started our campaign by researching the event throughly. This involved us getting the list of the attendees, the sideshows that were happening, the name of the organizers, what they did and how we could add value to them - like we said, a lot of work. 

All this research showed us that almost everyone attending the event was under Fieldproxy’s target market, and had a need that we could absolutely fulfil. All that hard work did pay off.

What You Can Take Away From This

With in-depth research, you can know for sure what you can do, cannot do, who you can get in touch with for help - everything. Once you have that information, you can start drafting out ideas and laying out sketches for what you’re going to do next.

So, conduct full-fledged research on your campaign weeks in advance. Make sure to get answers for the following pain points 

  • How many people are coming to the event
  • Who is going to be your potential customer at the event
  • What value can you provide them
  • What is the best way in your mind to engage with them
  • What is the perfect medium to reach out to them at the event

Upon addressing these points you will have a clear idea of where to begin. Next step - going crazy.

Our booth at the YES event 2022, Chennai

#2 Standing Out From The Crowd

With the research that we’d done, we knew exactly who our audience was, what they liked, and how to make a lasting impression on them.

As a next step, we started brainstorming on all the crazy ideas we thought would never work. Then we sat down and circled in on the ones that were actually worth taking a shot on, even if they were crazy beyond measure. One of them just made sense.

So we threw away the traditional handouts and powerpoint presentations, and put our acting hats on. We had a show to run!

We put up a short skit in font of the entire audience, and customized it according to the audience. The trick is to incorporate a few inside jokes that only members of the audience know, maybe also make a few remarks tailored to the prominent members of the event (all thanks to the weeks of research we did in Step 1)

But getting the prospect riled up and excited is just half the battle - getting them keen on knowing your solution and trying it out is all that matters. Here’s how we did just that.

We created business cards for our business, but that’s something everyone does. How we changed our approach was by incorporating our cards with two things:

  • QR Code 
  • Specific username and password created especially for the attendee

Upon scanning the QR code the prospects will be taken to a landing page where they will be provided with an instruction menu for downloading and installing the Fieldproxy mobile app. We added icing on the cake by creating customized card holders for each company attending the event - instant branding plus personal touch.

What You Can Take Away From This

Now its time for you and your business to stand out, 

Try something out of the ordinary. Everyone runs ads, what are you doing that’s different? Get to know what suits best for your audience, and then engage them in the most remarkable way possible.

Have a brainstorming session and pen down the list of ideas you bring out and plan on different means to be unique and eye-catching. 

Plan every little move, including knowing the seating arrangement of the attendees. Have an ideal view of what your execution should look like, and then start working towards it. Once your plan is laid out in all its glory, it’s time to start acting on it.

Our presentation at the event had a lot of regional memes and skits.

#3 Killer Execution

On the day of our event, possibly anything from our plan that could go sideways went sideways. Important lesson right there: Assume that your event will most definitely not go exactly as you planned, and no amount of prep time will ever be enough.

One thing that can mitigate this kind of risk and put your entire campaign in jeopardy is having the right time at the right place. When the execution is clear cut, even the silliest plans look like something out of a Christopher Nolan movie.

It's time for us to put the paper works to executions. There were many bombshells coming our way. But we somehow found a way out and managed it with our best hands.

Here is a small clip of our live performance.

The room was filled with thunderclaps after the performance. “Yes” we did it, and we did it with the atmost perfection.

As the result, we were able to pull many clients to ours. Many potentials reached out to our stall,

And from there on our sales team took control.

They manage to address every prospect that reached out to our stall and ensured they convert as prospect clients.

With all the effort put together, we brought many prospects to our company.

The results?

What You Can Take Away From This

So back to you - what are you going to do to make sure your brand sticks out from the crowd and their boring old PPTs? Don’t be afraid to go all out and get creative with your efforts. There’s no way you’re going to go wrong with creating an impression.

How to register your brand into people's minds? GO EXTRA BOLD

#4 Documentation

This is a step that most businesses miss out on. But we cannot stress how important this process is, especially in this day and age.

Documenting every step of your journey makes sure you have the opportunity to use all that material with post-event nurturing, while also doubling down as trust-building content for newer prospects.

So get your cameras ready and hire a video editing freelancer if you have to. Build trust amongst your existing audience, and you’re well on your way to creating a community of people who’d gladly tell other people about you.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s about it! That’s how you can go by launching your very first successful networking campaign in 2023 and building your community around it.

Do the relevant market research, know who your audience is, how you’re going to pitch your solutions to them, and how to get them to actually develop an interest in your product. Then you can work on building a growing following around it.

All you need to do now is go execute! What are you waiting for? Let’s go!!

About Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is a one-stop solutions platform for all your service team management needs. It is the best field service management software in 2023, and offers state-of-the-art solutions to back that statement. 

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  • Take orders for part replacements
  • Upload all of this data using location-backed real-time data upload, even when they’re offline
  • Send all of this data to their managers (you) as visually presentable dashboards, in real-time.

And that’s just the beginning. With Fieldproxy, your service teams can automate 90% of their manual operations and scale revenue without any additional effort. Get a free demo today!

The team that made this campaign possible. Execution with the right team. Super important.

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SaaS Event Marketing In 2023 - A Beginner's Guide for SaaS Companies + Examples

Shoaib Ahmed
June 2, 2023
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