Khatabook Vs Dukaan: A Summary Of What Happened

Compare Khatabook Vs Dukaan. Which product won the ugly battle over content infringement? Which one is right for you? Learn more here.

Shoaib Ahmed
3 min
June 2, 2023
Khatabook Vs Dukaan
Competitor Analysis

Khatabook Vs Dukaan: A Summary Of What Happened

Shoaib Ahmed
June 2, 2023

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  • Introduction
  • About Khatabook
  • What Is Dukaan?
  • Dukaan Vs Khatabook
  • How Is Dukaan Doing Now?
  • Closing Thoughts


The world is watching as India’s startup economy is skyrocketing, multiple startups growing and getting burnt to ash almost every single day. It’s an absolute rollercoaster and everyone wants to get some of the action. Needless to say, when something as big as one company trying to copy another’s product takes place, the world takes note.

Khatabook is a great platform for merchants to keep track of their ledgers. It has over 5 crore active users and is backed by some of the most influential people in the country, including M.S.Dhoni. So why does a $600 million USD valued company have to go on a legal battle with a barely two-year-old company with no name for itself? Let’s find out.

About Khatabook

It is a Business Categorised application. It can be downloaded easily on Smartphones. The Noteworthy thing about Khata-book is that it has been categorised into 11 different Languages. For small business people, this app is very much apt, for maintaining debtor-creditors standings.

There are many benefits to using Khatabook:

Small shop owners such as people owning a mobile recharge shop, electronic store, grocery store, provision store, bakery, jewelry, and medical shops can use it very conveniently.

What makes it so useful is the feature using which one can update its customers for every transaction done with the help of free SMS

  • The user interface of the Khata-book is very friendly.
  • Reminders can be sent to customers through Whatsapp and free SMS
  • Download PDF reports of the customers
  • One can also set reminder dates for payments to the creditors
  • Provides features to safeguard books of accounts with the help of APP Lock

This app is really quick to function. One of the best features that this application provides is that a shopkeeper can add their bank account details and UPI ID to accept payments from their customers.

About Dukaan?

Dukaan is a platform that believes that retail should be simple. Its CEO Suumit Shah wanted to make sure that the merchants using their platform are able to create beautiful, professional looking stores without having to spend days getting acquainted with complex programming languages. The result was Dukaan.

Simply put, Dukaan is a DIY (do-it-yourself) platform that enables customers with zero technical skills to set up their online store by using our smartphone app. Dukaan was created in response to the demand for better public health care that we witnessed during the recent influenza pandemic, and we believe that this is equally important in regards to e-commerce.

But it would have been all sunshine and rainbows if that was all there was to it.

Credits: The Economic Times

Khatabook Vs Dukaan

In August of 2020, Khatabook launched its latest product, Dukaan(you read that right) by Khatabook, on iOS and Android. Naturally, the company came under fire from Suumit Shah’s Dukaan, who claimed Khatabook’s Dukaan app was a blatant replica, despite the apparent similarity in name.

Growthpond is the parent company of Dukaan, and declared that its product was created 2 months prior to Khatabook’s version and filed legal complaints against them. Their claim that since their original trademark and copyright were violated, this could cause significant damages to their brand's reputation.

Khatabook has since not confirmed any unclear terms surrounding these allegations and claimed they would release an official statement in order to clear up all confusion surrounding their version of the app called Dukaan but what happened instead was a shocker.

Dukaan (by Growthpond and not Khatabook) got a court order to remove its app from all platforms, including the android and iOS app stores. This was the highlight of the entire fiasco, and Dukaan got an insane amount of media coverage.

In the aftermath of the Dukaan bankruptcy, Khatabook and Growthpond came to terms with their issues, having settled out of court. Growthpond has offered Khatabook medium-term equity (including options) in an effort to offset the loss that Khatabook incurred due to what it calls “takeover”.

How Is Dukaan Doing Now?

Dukaan actually fared pretty well because of the fight with Khaatabook. Actually, we might even go so far as to call it a huge win for Suumit Shah’s product.

In the middle of all this commotion, Dukaan worked with a combined force from Matrix Partners India and Lightspeed India Partners to raise a $6 million seed funding round. Nearly a dozen marquee angel investors also participated in the round, including Khatabook investors Jupiter’s Jitendra Gupta and CRED’s Kunal Shah. We're sure this contribution from these notable names will go a long way toward helping Dukaan continue its impressive growth as it continues this year.

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