Stay connected in real time with Fieldproxy's Live Dashboard.

Get Ready to Transform Your Work: Explore Fieldproxy's Live Dashboard! Imagine working smarter, making quick decisions, and staying connected in real time. No more lost tasks! Excited to see how it works? Let's dive in!

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September 1, 2023
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Stay connected in real time with Fieldproxy's Live Dashboard.

September 1, 2023

If you're trying to step up your daily grind and make your field operations smoother, you've come to the right spot. In this blog we're gonna talk about how Fieldproxy's Live Dashboard can totally change up your work routine and keep you connected in real time.

In our last blog, we chatted about how you can transform your boring Excel data into awesome dashboards that you can totally customise. So cool, right? check this out!

Why You Have To Use Live Dashboard?

Let's talk about why using a live dashboard, like Fieldproxy's, can totally change how you work.

Just picture being able to quickly check your dashboard and see all your pending tasks, tasks in progress, and even the ones you've already finished - all in real time. The cool thing about Fieldproxy's Live Dashboard is that it's super dynamic and intuitive. That's what makes it stand out. It makes sure you're always organised and in control, so no tasks can slip through the cracks.

Real-Time Data Insights

The power of real-time data cannot be underestimated. with the today's jobs , you can totally check out what's happening on the field and who's slowing off and who's actually working using this amazing widget .As a manager, you can check out which agents are around and help out by assigning tasks if someone's not there.

You can also check out what's happening right now and even tick off stuff you've finished in real time. You can totally stay organized and make sure nothing gets missed with this awesome overview. and even celebrate the completion of jobs in real time.

This dynamic overview keeps you organized.7

Actionable Insights, Literally at Your Fingertips

Not only can you identify pending tasks, but you can also strategize your day based on who has tasks yet to start. The magic doesn't stop there – our dashboard turns data into actionable insights:

  • Keep tabs on agents who are actively engaged, ensuring everyone's contributing.
  • Stay informed about agents occupied with tasks, aiding in resource allocation.
  • Access the roster of Available Agents, guaranteeing that tasks align perfectly with the right agents.
Here the leading player of manufacturing and distributing paints company managing their field operations efficiently across multiple locations and coordinating tasks using Fieldproxy's Live Dashboard to transform their work processes. Read Here!

Create your workflow in just 5 simple steps! And guess what? We've got over 30+ templates for all kinds of service organisations, just like yours. So, let's get started! Just click and use Fieldproxy to streamline your business today!

What's the best part? You can totally customize this awesome live dashboard in just three clicks using Fieldproxy. Our super easy platform lets you take charge, so you can customize the dashboard to fit your own style.

Are you ready to level up your field service operations? Book a free demo today and see how Fieldproxy's Live Dashboard can totally boost your business.

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