The #1 Fieldpoint Alternative Is Fieldproxy : Fieldpoint vs Fieldproxy

A thorough examination of Fieldpoint will reveal why you need to switch platforms as field service organizations who look for the best solution to optimize operations. Learn about a Best Fieldpoint alternative in this post to help your business.

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July 24, 2023
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"The #1 Fieldsense Alternative Is Fieldproxy : Fieldpoint vs Fieldproxy"

Managing a field service team requires organization and a lot of focus. Having the right field service management tools in place is necessary to be able to drive representatives to follow a service plan, and to measure and coach them appropriately. The most important thing in service is prospecting. Unless one can gain a meeting with his prospective client, there is no chance he creates an opportunity. Without opportunities, there is no success. They say the discovery is the most important part of work well. Hence you need an efficient field service management tool. There are two very popular field management software- Fieldpoint and Fieldproxy. Both are used by business owners all over the country. Let's have a look at them.

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What Is Fieldpoint?

Fieldpoint is a software designed specifically for businesses that provide field services. It is used by a wide range of industries, such as industrial equipment, medical device manufacturing, oil and gas, and fire and life safety. The cloud-based features of this software include scheduling and dispatching, quoting and estimating, a mobile app for field service, and integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft, and ERP platforms, among others.

What Is Fieldproxy?

Fieldproxy, on the other hand, is a no code platform solution designed to optimize the daily operations of field service teams, such as outside sales agents and service technicians. Its no-code framework empowers businesses to create and manage jobs, schedule and reschedule tasks using Ai, generate invoices, and collect customer feedback seamlessly. With a focus on real-time communication and data analytics, Fieldproxy emerges as a game-changer for field service management.

Advantages Of Fieldproxy Over Fieldpoint

Tailored Functionality For Residential Service Businesses

Fieldpoint is a great choice for industrial service sectors, but it may not be the best option for your businesses if your a residential service divisions or a combination of both. On the other hand, Fieldproxy is really great at helping out residential customers and businesses that have a mix of operations. It offers a lot of useful features that are customized to meet their specific needs. The mobile catalogues, OTP-based verifications, and efficient invoice generation of this system are perfect for businesses in the residential service industries.

No-Code Framework For Seamless Onboarding And Customization

Fieldproxy's no-code framework differentiates it from Fieldpoint by offering a unique advantage in terms of customizing your daily tasks. With the drag-and-drop functionalities, your businesses can easily customize processes based on the preferences of your customers and technicians. This leads to a notable decrease in development times, up to 65%. The no-code approach enables organizations to easily make changes without relying heavily on IT assistance. Saving money and increasing flexibility are the benefits of this approach.

Real-Time Synchronization And Communication

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As you saw on this images that shows Fieldpoint mobile application may not be very user-friendly for your teams. However, it seems that the mobile app is crucial for your business when it comes to enabling remote work for your service team. Fieldproxy places a strong focus on real-time communication, which means that field service technicians and managers are constantly in sync with each other.

Managers can now have immediate visibility over field operations thanks to features like geofencing and location intelligence. This enables them to make strategic decisions on the spot. The seamless communication loop helps improve efficiency and makes customers happier.

Sync Your Process With Offline 

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While the service technicians were moving from one location to another, they unfortunately lost their internet connection Fieldpoint was unable to meet the needs of the managers, resulting in a decrease in productivity for the field technicians. However, in Fieldproxy one of the best features of the mobile app is its ability to collect data even when you're offline. Even if there is no internet connection, technicians are still able to collect data.

This allows them to continue working efficiently in remote or areas with limited connectivity without any interruptions. The app smoothly connects with Fieldproxy's work order management system, making sure that all information is synchronized as soon as a connection is restored.


Both Fieldproxy and Fieldpoint have valuable features for field service management, but in certain business contexts, Fieldproxy is the better choice. Fieldproxy is a great solution for residential service businesses. It has been designed specifically for certain trades and offers customized functionality. It also has a no-code framework, which means it's easy to use and fully customizable.

Want a Live Walk-Through of Fieldproxy All-In-One Platform?

The features we talked about in this section are just a few examples of how Fieldproxy provides more benefits to service businesses compared to Fieldpoint.

If you're curious about why over 170+ service professionals trust our software, Would you like to schedule a demo? You'll have the opportunity to receive a free, personalized walk-through of our field service management platform. It's designed to help you increase revenue, work more efficiently, and keep your business running smoothly. 

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The #1 Fieldpoint Alternative Is Fieldproxy : Fieldpoint vs Fieldproxy

July 24, 2023
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