Choosing the Right Tool for Maintenance Management: CMMS Software vs Excel Spreadsheets

Explore the detailed comparison between CMMS software and maintenance tracking using Excel spreadsheets. Understand the comprehensive features, automation benefits, scalability, and collaborative capabilities of CMMS software, contrasted with the simplicity and limitations of Excel spreadsheets.

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August 16, 2023
CMMS software vs. maintenance excel spreadsheets
Equipment Maintenance

Choosing the Right Tool for Maintenance Management: CMMS Software vs Excel Spreadsheets

August 16, 2023

Maintenance management is an important task in many industries. It helps to make sure that equipment and assets are reliable and efficient. Many organisations use tools like Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software and Excel spreadsheets to help with maintenance tasks and keep track of maintenance activities. In this article, we will explore a thorough comparison of these two approaches, assisting you in figuring out which one suits your maintenance management needs the most.

Comparing CMMS Software and Maintenance Excel Spreadsheets

Aspect CMMS Software Maintenance Excel Spreadsheets
Functionality Offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored for maintenance management Limited functionality, primarily manual data entry for basic data tracking
Work Order Management Allows creation, tracking, and management of work orders for preventive, corrective, and other Manual creation and tracking of work orders and tasks using spreadsheet rows and columns
Asset and Equipment Management Maintains a database of assets and equipment, including maintenance history, specifications, and warranties Requires manual entry of equipment data and details in spreadsheet cells
Scheduling and Planning Automates scheduling of maintenance tasks based on time or usage triggers Relies on manual scheduling and tracking using dates and formulas
Inventory Management Manages inventory of spare parts, materials, and supplies required for maintenance Limited inventory tracking capabilities using basic spreadsheet functions
Reporting and Analytics Provides advanced reporting and analytics for maintenance trends, costs, and performance Limited reporting capabilities, basic data visualization using charts and graphs
Automation and Efficiency Automates workflows, reduces manual tasks, and minimizes errors Requires manual data entry, calculations, and maintenance process management
Scalability Scales to accommodate growing maintenance demands and complex operations Limited scalability, can become unwieldy with increasing data and tasks
Data Accessibility and Collaboration Offers centralized data storage accessible by authorized users from various locations Requires manual sharing and updating of spreadsheets, lacks real-time collaboration capabilities between team members
Cost and Investment Involves upfront costs for software acquisition and implementation Generally lower upfront costs, but potential hidden costs for time and errors

The Power of CMMS Software

CMMS software is designed specifically to help manage maintenance operations. It provides a comprehensive solution for this purpose. The platform offers a centralised location where you can access various features like managing work orders, tracking assets, scheduling, managing inventory, generating reports, and more. CMMS software is designed to make things easier by automating tasks. It can create work orders according to schedules, alert technicians, and keep track of maintenance histories in great detail. Using this tool not only improves efficiency but also decreases the chances of human errors, making it highly effective for large-scale operations.

The Simplicity of Maintenance Excel Spreadsheets

However, a simpler way to track maintenance is by using Excel spreadsheets. This task requires creating personalised spreadsheets to keep track of maintenance tasks, work orders, equipment information, and other relevant data. Although Excel can be effective for smaller operations, it falls short in terms of advanced features and automation capabilities compared to CMMS software. This method heavily depends on manual data entry and calculations, which can result in inefficiencies and errors, especially as the amount of data and maintenance tasks grow.

Consultation and Decision-Making

The tool you choose will depend on how big and complicated your maintenance operations are. If you're running a small operation and just need simple tracking, using Excel spreadsheets could be enough. As your organisation continues to grow and the maintenance demands become more complex, it becomes clear that using CMMS software is the more efficient option. You can use its scalability, automation, centralised data access, and advanced reporting to improve your maintenance strategies and overall operational performance.


Having an efficient maintenance management system is extremely important for running operations successfully. It is crucial to select the right tool for this purpose. Although using Excel spreadsheets for maintenance can work for basic setups, CMMS software provides a more comprehensive solution that includes features specifically designed to improve efficiency, scalability, and decision-making capabilities. If you take the time to think about what your organisation needs and how it's going to grow, you can make a smart decision that matches up with your maintenance management goals.

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