Transform Your Excel Data into Stunning Dashboards : A Customizable Dashboard For Everyone

Discover the incredible power of the dashboard, where you can customise your experience to enhance efficiency and take your field operations to new heights.

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September 1, 2023
Field service management dashboard
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Transform Your Excel Data into Stunning Dashboards : A Customizable Dashboard For Everyone

September 1, 2023

We understand that managing a field service team can be challenging for you. It can be particularly challenging when you rely on traditional methods that involve handling lots of paperwork or using outdated software.These challenges make things harder because we can't see what's going on in our work and it's tricky to make good decisions. This not only slows things down but also makes customers unhappy.

But don't worry, in this blog, we'll learn all about the amazing Fieldproxy customizable dashboard. We'll explore what it can do and how it helps businesses, managers, and field technicians. So, let's start on a journey to discover how the Fieldproxy dashboard is changing the way we handle field service work.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dashboard?

Real-time Visibility

It provides real-time views on field activities in single view. you can use these dashboards to track task progress, work order status, and field team activity in real time. Decision-makers can closely monitor operations with real-time visibility. This helps them make quick, educated decisions. Whether you need to track essential tasks or field team locations.

Data-Driven Insights

Dashboards are a valuable source of information, showing trends, patterns, and performance metrics in an easy-to-understand way. Your business can gain a better understanding of your operational strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify emerging trends and areas that need improvement by analyzing this data. The insights derived from data help us make strategic decisions, improve our processes, and foster innovation in the field service management ecosystem.

Optimized Scheduling

Dashboards are extremely important for making scheduling processes more efficient. you can make smart decisions when assigning tasks to the appropriate field technicians by using these dashboards. They provide specific details about the availability and locations of technicians, as well as the urgency and nature of the tasks. By optimizing the scheduling, we not only make sure that tasks are assigned to the most suitable technicians, but we also minimize unnecessary travel time. In the end, this results in increased productivity and smoother operations.

Resource Allocation

Allocating resources strategically is really important when it comes to field operations. Dashboards give managers the power to allocate resources accurately and efficiently. you can easily use these dashboards to find out which technicians are currently available and have the necessary skills for specific tasks.

This understanding helps us strategically assign people and equipment, making sure we use the right resources for the right tasks at the right time. Therefore, businesses have the ability to make the most of their resources, strategically allocate their workforce, and improve their overall operational efficiency.

Performance Tracking

We Know monitoring and improving key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial for the success of any field service operation. Dashboards provide a wide range of widgets that allow you to keep track of and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to field operations. You can keep track of metrics like how quickly you respond to requests, how often you complete tasks, and how satisfied your customers are.

You can do this in real-time or by looking at past data. Performance tracking helps businesses make decisions based on data. It allows them to find areas that need improvement, recognize successful strategies, and constantly improve the quality of service they provide.

Customer Communication

Dashboards often integrate features that facilitate direct communication between field technicians and customers. Technicians can provide customers with real-time updates about their estimated arrival times, the progress of ongoing tasks, and the completion status of work orders.

This proactive communication not only enhances transparency but also contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction. By keeping customers informed throughout the service process, businesses can build trust and loyalty.

Types of Dashboards In Fieldproxy

  • Live Dashboard
  • Attendance Dashboard
  • Expense Dashboard
  • Jobs Dashboard
  • Location Intelligence
  • Contract Metrics
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Leaderboard

Live Dashboard

The Live Dashboard offers real-time insights into your field operations, providing a dynamic snapshot of your team's activities at any given moment. This dashboard allows you to efficiently manage and allocate resources based on the tasks scheduled for the day. You can track ongoing jobs, celebrate completed tasks, and plan for upcoming assignments.

By knowing which team members are online and engaged, you can streamline coordination. Additionally, the dashboard offers the latest locations of your field personnel along with their assigned tasks for the day, enabling you to combine location tracking with task management seamlessly.

Attendance Dashboard

Know your team's information regarding daily attendance status, ensuring you have a finger on the pulse of your team's participation. By visualizing attendance patterns, you can promptly address any recurring attendance concerns. The dashboard also offers insights into average working hours on a day-to-day basis, aiding in workload distribution and resource allocation.

Detailed userwise attendance metrics enable you to analyze individual team members' attendance records, contributing to better workforce management. Moreover, agent-wise working hours can be assessed, allowing you to ensure optimal scheduling and maintain productivity. The Attendance Dashboard equips you with the tools to efficiently manage attendance and enhance overall team performance.

Expense Dashboard

The Expense Dashboard serves as your financial control center, providing a comprehensive overview of expenses related to your field operations. This intuitive dashboard offers a historical view of expenses, allowing you to track spending patterns over time. Categorized expense data offers insights into specific expenditure areas, enabling effective budget allocation and cost management. Additionally, monthwise expense tracking lets you monitor financial trends on a monthly basis, facilitating accurate financial planning.

With the Expense Dashboard, you can maintain a clear understanding of your field operation's financial health, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions to maximize profitability.

Jobs Dashboard

The Jobs Dashboard acts as a hub for managing your field tasks and projects. It provides a holistic view of your tasks, categorizing them into open, pending, and completed categories. This dashboard enables seamless coordination by allowing you to monitor ongoing tasks in real time, address pending assignments, and celebrate successfully completed jobs.

With insights into jobs by users and job categories, you can allocate tasks more effectively and ensure balanced work distribution. Detailed job information empowers you to delve into specific task details, contributing to streamlined task management. The Jobs Dashboard optimizes your task workflow, minimizes bottlenecks, and enhances operational efficiency.

Location Intelligence

The Location Intelligence Dashboard harnesses geographic data to provide invaluable insights into your field operations. This dynamic dashboard allows you to visualize task and technician locations on a live map, empowering optimal route planning and resource allocation. Tracking location activity reveals patterns in field team movement, facilitating informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency.

With distance traveled insights, you can optimize travel time and improve overall task execution. The Location Intelligence Dashboard transforms location data into actionable insights, promoting better decision-making and ultimately elevating your service delivery.

Contract Metrics

The Contract Metrics Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your service contracts, enabling you to manage contract-related performance effectively. This dashboard presents an overview of your total contracts, approved contract values, pending contracts, and inactive contracts. Upcoming renewals are highlighted, allowing you to proactively manage contract expirations.

Contract categories provide insights into different contract types, aiding in focused management. Detailed contract information empowers you to track contractual obligations and performance metrics. With the Contract Metrics Dashboard, you can maintain contractual compliance, enhance customer relationships, and optimize contract management strategies.

Revenue Dashboard

The Revenue Dashboard acts as your financial compass, providing real-time insights into the financial outcomes of your field operations. This dashboard offers an overview of total invoice raised, payments collected, overall invoice statuses, and pending invoices. It further allows you to analyze revenue generated by agents and across different time periods.

The Revenue Dashboard facilitates strategic decision-making by providing insights into revenue streams and payment trends. Detailed invoice information empowers you to manage invoicing effectively and ensure financial stability. With the Revenue Dashboard, you can optimize revenue generation, improve financial planning, and drive overall business growth.


The Leaderboard Dashboard introduces a gamified dimension to your field operations, fostering healthy competition among your field team members. This interactive dashboard ranks team members based on key performance metrics such as task completion rates, customer satisfaction scores, and response times. By acknowledging high performers, the leaderboard motivates your team to consistently deliver exceptional service.

Recognizing agent-wise performance and achievements can enhance team morale and productivity. The Leaderboard Dashboard transforms performance tracking into an engaging experience, driving continuous improvement and fostering a culture of excellence.

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As we come to the end of this exploration, it becomes clear that the Fieldproxy dashboard is more than just a tool. It is a solution that brings together customization and efficiency, transforming the way things are done. 

This tool allows businesses, managers, and technicians to not only handle field operations but also coordinate a seamless and efficient process that ensures precision, productivity, customer satisfaction, and growth. 

When using the Fieldproxy dashboard, you're not just handling tasks. Instead, you're navigating a journey towards improved efficiency and seamless operations

You can book your free demo now or contact us at We prioritize your success and are ready to embark on this journey with you!

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