5 Key Field Service Trends To Watch In 2024

5 Key Field Service Trends to Watch in 2023: Staying Competitive and Sustainable in the Circular Economy

Velaven Viswanathan
3 min
July 8, 2024
Field Service Trends


Amidst the competitive business environment of today, organizations strive to stand out from the crowd and establish customer allegiance, all while upholding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives and adopting a circular economy approach. Fieldproxy, an esteemed supplier of field service solutions, has recognized the five key field service patterns that businesses should take note of in 2023 and 2024.

"As we move into 2023, organizations are under mounting pressure to devise exceptional service propositions that set them apart from competitors, boost profits, and retain customer allegiance. Simultaneously, businesses are striving to adopt the circular economy and showcase progress towards their elevated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives." - Swaroop Vijayakumar, CEO at Fieldproxy

Trend 1: Service, by its very nature, is sustainable

In terms of sustainability, service and maintenance play a crucial role in extending the usable life span of products and assets, thereby having a positive effect on sustainability. This trend is anticipated to maintain its resilience even in times of economic downturns, as both consumers and businesses prefer to retain their products and equipment for longer. The four critical service principles of the 9R circular economy framework - refurbish, repair, re manufacture, and recycle - align closely with any ESG corporate agenda.

Furthermore, the ongoing shift towards electric vehicles in field service operations is a significant challenge, and the trend towards IoT-connected devices and remote service is likely to persist. This approach could make service more sustainable by eliminating the necessity for in-person service visits entirely.

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Trend 2: Rapid advancement in the innovation of services

Remote service has become an indispensable aspect of any service provision. Another emerging service model is depot-based repair, where devices are repaired at a specialized engineering centre. Manufacturers are required to prioritise design for service, ensuring that products are constructed with serviceability and durability in mind. Irrespective of the service model employed, it is critical to provide customers with a consistent, favourable experience.

Trend 3: Intelligent and self-governing services that provide valuable insights

The use of predictive intelligence will play an increasingly vital role in preventative maintenance, with traditional fail-fix models rapidly declining. Successful adoption of these competencies depends on the availability of data and effective Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Augmenting and supporting human engineers, AI can suggest the likely parts required to secure a fix based on the analysis of historic fault patterns, symptoms, and resolutions. Insightful service combines data-driven prescriptive diagnosis with intelligent service.

Trend 4: Workforce Experience

The service sector is recognising the importance of the employee experience (EX). 40% of field workers are due to retire within the next ten years, making it crucial to attract new talent to prevent the loss of invaluable knowledge and insight. Ignoring the need to create AI-powered tools and insights to support field workers' workloads will only exacerbate the skills shortage problem.

Trend 5: Synergy

Collaboration between organizations can lead to the development of innovative service models, new revenue streams, and service improvements. By sharing knowledge and best practices, companies can maximize their service capabilities and better meet the needs of customers. A collaborative approach can also help identify new markets and untapped opportunities.


In summary, the field service industry is rapidly evolving, and companies must stay on top of these trends to remain competitive. Sustainability will remain a top priority, with the 9R circular economy framework providing a blueprint for companies to embrace.

Innovation in service delivery will also be critical, with remote and depot-based repair becoming more prevalent. The use of predictive intelligence and AI will enhance the quality of service, while companies will also need to focus on attracting and retaining skilled workers.

Finally, collaboration between companies can drive innovation and new revenue streams. By embracing these trends, companies can provide superior service offers that differentiate their brands, increase margins, and secure customer loyalty.

A Little Bit About Fieldproxy 

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Fieldproxy allows managers to easily create automated workflows for their employees and assign tasks to agents through the web dashboard. The user-friendly mobile app enables field agents to update tasks as they are completed and provides real-time updates to managers.

The software also includes special workflows designed to ensure the safety and security of on-site field agents. During the pandemic, these features were especially useful for tracking contact, hygiene compliance, and accountability.

Fieldproxy’s feature-rich cloud-based application brings all your field tasks under one roof with the most interactive web application and highly capable mobile app. The heavy-duty software provides ample features like:

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  • Order taking
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  • Geotagging
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5 Key Field Service Trends To Watch In 2024

Velaven Viswanathan
July 8, 2024
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