Field Service Management Software For HVAC Industry

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Shoaib Ahmed
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May 31, 2023
HVAC Software For Field Service Management

What’s In This Page?

  • Introduction
  • How Does A Field Service Management Software Help HVAC Service Companies?
  • Features Of HVAC Service Management Tool
  • -- Job Scheduling
  • -- Routing And Location Tracking
  • -- Customer Insights
  • -- Invoicing And Payment Collection
  • -- Expense Reporting
  • -- Stock Tracking
  • -- Inventory Management
  • -- Enhanced Customer Support
  • -- Dashboards
  • -- Reports
  • How Fieldproxy Can Help Your HVAC Service Business
  • What Is The Cost Of An HVAC Field Service Software?
  • Closing Thoughts


Field service management is about organising and managing your technicians in the field to ensure that your customers are satisfied. A good field service management software keeps tabs on the field and helps manage customer satisfaction from the beginning to end of a business relationship with customers.

Let’s say you’ve got a bunch of field service technicians under you, going from house to house installing electrical appliances, upselling products, scheduling and driving regular maintenance routines, and whatnot.

How are you going to manage them? What steps would you take to ensure they’ve reached the service point on time? How would you know if the scheduled job has been taken care of properly? Whether the products the technicians have listed as sold are actually sold?

All these things and more are taken care of by a Field service management software for HVAC businesses. Read on to find out how.

How Does A Field Service Management Software Help HVAC Service Industry?

Believe it or not, the HVAC industry is not something to be taken lightly. It has some of the most complicated and highly technical job requirements, most involving complicated math and analytical thinking. The skills required to get into the HVAC industry can cover a large spectrum, including:

  • Complex component installation
  • Electrical knowledge
  • Plumbing
  • Material science and expertise
  • Project management
  • Handling woodwork and mechanical manufacturing
  • Merchandising and stock checking
  • Complex purchase order management processes
  • Warranty inspection
  • Asset management and preventative maintenance management

Managing all these skilled professionals is kind of complicated without the right kind of tools. Here’s what you need if you’re in the industry and need some guidance on what kind of tools to use for something like HVAC service technician management

  • Customer relationship management software
  • CRM sales systems
  • Quote management solutions
  • Inventory management and sales order tracking software
  • Customer follow up systems

All these different solutions are being handled by a single manager – Can you see how this one’s going to play out? We can. It’s going to result in a lot of managers quitting their jobs because of the sheer pressure of managing everything, a lot more field professionals quitting because there’s just no organised way for them to work with the data they collect.

When you use a tool, it should help you ease your burden, not add an extra five pounds to it. Multiple solutions with little to no room for seamless working between them is a bothersome issue. That’s where automated field technician management solutions like Fieldproxy stick out from the crowd, making sure that the software fits your business, not the other way around.

Let’s take a look at what kind of solutions Automated field service management solutions for HVAC offer, and then look at why these software are the best choice for your business.

Features Of HVAC Service Management Tool

As we mentioned earlier, HVAC services and solutions require people with a lot of technical expertise. To manage these field experts, you need a solution that can cater to all these people. Enter Fieldproxy - a field service management platform for your HVAC service automation needs!

Here’s what a solution like Fieldproxy provides as a HVAC service management tool:

Job Scheduling

An HVAC field services automation software effectively decreases the workload of the field managers by making it easier for them to organize and generate service schedules based on the location, priority and availability of their field technicians.

Routing And Location Tracking

Any HVAC project management software worth its salt should have advanced tracking technology that allows the field manager to optimize the service route entirely as well as locate the field technicians for ensured efficiency.

Customer Insights

The customer management tools of a good quality service automation software help to improve a team's view of their customers. This is important because it allows for easier communication with them and the formation of trusting relationships.

Being able to access a client’s full details along with insights into what might be causing more issues than others will make planning and executing strategies for individual customers easier, helping your team to provide better service overall.

Invoicing And Payment Collection

A proper HVAC service and scheduling management software should also provide field technicians with the ability to create simple invoices to ease accounting and streamline the payment process.

Expense Reporting

Tracking business expenses can be a hassle. If you’re not properly using excel to track your business expenses, you might be in trouble. This is precisely why you need a HVAC management software that can also work as an expense management and reporting platform.

Stock Tracking

Basic stock tracking and order placements should be a part of any field technician management solution. You cannot get this wrong.

Inventory Management

Automated inventory tracking will save you time by reducing the amount of time that it takes to enter inventory data into a computer. By eliminating manual data entry, inventory records are stored more quickly, which reduces errors in inventory data entry.

Enhanced Customer Support

What is a service management tool if it doesn't provide good customer support? A quality field service management tool should provide the HVAC sector customers with customised views of appointment windows, services being provided, and payment arrangements. Customers can easily and effortlessly post their service inquiries using the site's convenient online request form.

Real-time Dashboards And Reports

Field managers should be able to filter the agent metrics according to their needs and can easily view the performance in a dashboard. Tedious reports should also be automatically generated. Find a system that helps make your life easier, and you’ve already won.

How Fieldproxy Can Help Your HVAC Service Business

Fieldproxy is an all in one field service management software that can also serve your HVAC service and maintenance business to handle your entire field operations. It is a full-featured software product that helps managers of retail, pharma, consumer goods, real estate and construction etc., to collect data in a structured format.

Managers can create workflows for their employees from the web dashboard and assign tasks for their agents within minutes.

It has a user-friendly mobile app from which the field agents can update the tasks once they complete and managers can get field updates in real-time.

Ticket Management Solutions

One of the key features of Fieldproxy is its ticket management system. With this feature, businesses can create, assign, and manage tickets, ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. This means that customers get the service they need, and businesses can maintain their reputation for quality customer support.

Schedule Jobs For Field Agents

Another important aspect of Fieldproxy is its job scheduling feature. With this tool, businesses can schedule jobs and assign them to field teams in real-time. This helps ensure that the right team is on the job at the right time, which can save businesses time and money.

Generate Quotes And Estimates

Fieldproxy also offers a mobile application that allows field teams to generate quotes and estimates on the go. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that operate in industries where quotes and estimates are necessary, such as construction or landscaping. With this feature, businesses can provide accurate quotes to their customers quickly and easily.

Raise Invoices And Collect Payments

In addition to generating quotes and estimates, the Fieldproxy mobile application also allows businesses to raise invoices and facilitate payment collections through integrations with popular payment gateways. This can help businesses get paid faster and with less hassle.

Collect Valuable Customer Feedback

With features like customer happiness index, and historical customer data, ensure your customers are always satisfied with your products and services. Know exactly how your customers operate and provide better quality services.

Dashboards And Reports

Fieldproxy’s easily-presentable data dashboards and reports allow managers to make sense of all the data their field teams collect, in real time. Create, curate, and manage different dashboards and reports to help make better data-backed decisions for your service teams.

Closing Thoughts

So why should businesses consider Fieldproxy? With its comprehensive set of features, Fieldproxy can help businesses save time, streamline operations, and improve customer satisfaction. And with a free demo available, there's no reason not to give it a try.

If you're looking for an end-to-end field team management solution that can help you manage tickets, schedule jobs, generate quotes and estimates, raise invoices, and collect payments while also providing customer feedback support, then Fieldproxy might be the solution for you. Book a free demo today to see how Fieldproxy can help your business improve its operations and customer satisfaction.

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What Is The Cost Of An HVAC Field Service Software?

The cost to recharge a Freon (non-combustible gas inside the HVAC) would be around $300 to $500. You might have to keep in mind that the cost varies depending on the type of gas being used and the market cost of the fix so that you do not end up paying more than you need to.

Another category of purchase you need to keep in mind is the type of refrigerant used. The average prices can vary from $3 to $20 per pound. Some different agencies and freelancers can provide professional help with hourly rates ranging from $50 to $200. The time taken usually to recharge would be around 25 to 40 min.

With informed rates and the maintenance processes of HVACs, more time and money can be saved.

When you’re spending this much money to service something, it’d be much better to leave it to a professional to take care of fixing it. And managing these professionals is where automated HVAC field service solutions come into the picture. The costs of handling such software can vary for companies, but the best HVAC field service management software in the market - Fieldproxy - can be bought for as low as $15 USD per licence. Click here to try a free demo today!


Field Service Management Software For HVAC Industry

Shoaib Ahmed
May 31, 2023
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