Seamless Property Preservation and Inspection: Discover the Advantage of Fieldproxy FSM Software

Learn a more effective approach to managing the growing number of REO properties for your business by utilizing Fieldproxy FSM.

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July 28, 2023
Property Preservation and Inspection

What's On This Page?

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Property Preservation and Inspection
  • Introducing Fieldproxy FSM
  • Streamlining Property Preservation
  • Enhancing Property Inspection
  • Simplifying Property Maintenance
  • Multi Vendor Management in a Single System
  • Conclusion


Managing property preservation and inspections in the real estate industry can be quite challenging for REO managers, banks, and asset managers. We need a better way to handle the increasing number of REO properties. This solution should allow us to track them in real-time, improve collaboration, and gain valuable insights. Fieldproxy FSM is the solution that comes into play in this situation.

Understanding Property Preservation and Inspection

Property preservation and inspection are extremely important when it comes to keeping properties valuable and attractive to potential buyers. These tasks include various activities like managing vendors, overseeing properties, handling utilities, addressing code violations, and more. However, traditional methods frequently encounter issues with manual tasks and communication breakdowns, resulting in inefficiencies.

Introducing Fieldproxy FSM

Fieldproxy FSM is a no code solution designed to simplify and improve property preservation and inspection tasks. Fieldproxy is an incredible tool for task management that offers a variety of features and functionalities. It has the potential to revolutionize the way tasks are managed. Fieldproxy is a tool that helps boost efficiency and productivity by automating tasks and enhancing teamwork.

Streamlining Property Preservation

Fieldproxy FSM is a tool that helps make property preservation more efficient by automating different tasks. The software includes built-in modules for managing vendors, properties, utilities, handling code violations, and more. This automation helps to reduce the amount of manual work required, saving time and increasing accuracy. In addition, Fieldproxy offers real-time tracking and in-depth insights, giving REO managers, banks, and asset managers the ability to make well-informed decisions.

Enhancing Property Inspection

Fieldproxy great at conducting property inspections, provides a range of useful features, including the ability to schedule appointments, efficiently dispatch teams, create invoices, track payments, and much more. Fieldproxy is a highly versatile and robust tool that property inspectors can use for their field service needs. The platform offers valuable insights that make property inspections more efficient and effective.

Simplifying Property Maintenance

Fieldproxy FSM offers more than just preservation and inspection services. They also provide software solutions specifically designed for property maintenance. Fieldproxy automates and simplifies a wide range of maintenance activities, including initial services, securing, winterization, debris removal, janitorial services, lawn maintenance, damage and claims management, and utility maintenance. Fieldproxy is a reliable tool that property managers and servicers can use to make their maintenance operations more efficient.

Multi Vendor Management in a Single System

Fieldproxy FSM's smart technology enables multi vendor management in a single system. Onboarding contractors is easy, and real-time tracking of job statuses becomes effortless. Fieldproxy empowers REO managers and field service professionals with the ability to oversee and manage their vendors and subcontractors efficiently.


By automating processes, improving collaboration, and providing deep insights, Fieldproxy optimizes field operations for REO managers, banks, and asset managers. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Fieldproxy is the go-to platform for seamless property preservation and inspection. Discover the advantage of Fieldproxy FSM and revolutionize your field operations today. Book a free demo now!

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Field Service

Seamless Property Preservation and Inspection: Discover the Advantage of Fieldproxy FSM Software

July 28, 2023
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