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Spare Parts and Equipment Monitoring For Service Managers

Enable spare part request generation, partner location solutions, and the ability to raise requests for spare parts right from the service locations - all using Fieldproxy

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Fieldproxy is trusted by 100,000+ field service technicians across 150+ countries around the world.

We help service teams realize their full potential. And that is why the best businesses in the world trust us.

See how Fieldproxy has impacted service teams around the globe and yielded maximum ROI across all their major service KPIs

Company Equipment And Stock Control Made Easy

Use intelligent AI-backed stock scheduling and maintenance to make sure every piece of company equipment is accounted for and used at an organizational level.

Service Partner Database Management And History

Have a single repository in place for all your partner-related data, including company history, equipment management, warehouse content, inventory updates, and more

Geotagging To Help Maintain Stock Usage

Use location intelligence and geofencing to enable access to company equipment at service locations.

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