Labor Cost Calculator

You can utilise our labour cost calculator for free to determine the value of your team's time. This includes considering factors such as staff wages, direct costs, indirect costs, and profit. Please provide us with the precise hourly, project, and annual labour costs. We will then use these figures to either input them into our service price calculator or create a professional service estimate for you.
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How To Calculate Labor Cost

Example Scenario:

In the first field, which represents the total hours worked by your team on the project, enter "170" because this encompasses both regular and overtime hours, resulting in 170 hours in total. In the second field, enter "20" as the regular hourly wage for your team members. For the third field, input "10" to reflect the 10 hours of overtime that your team worked. In the fourth field, enter "30" since the overtime rate is set at $30 per hour, which is 1.5 times the regular hourly wage. Lastly, in the fifth field, input "500" to indicate that the total benefits cost for your team amounts to $500. By entering these values accurately, the calculator will perform the necessary calculations to provide you with valuable insights into your labor costs.

Calculate Labor Costs
After inputting the data, the calculator will perform the calculations:
Regular hours cost = 170 hours * $20/hour = $3,400
Overtime hours cost = 10 hours * $30/hour = $300
Benefits cost = $500

Interpret the Results
The calculator will display the calculated costs:
Staff wages: $3,400 + $300 = $3,700
Direct costs: Staff wages + Benefits = $3,700 + $500 = $4,200
Indirect costs: Any additional costs related to the project that aren't directly attributed to labor.
Profit: The desired profit margin you want to include in your pricing.