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Power Up Your Service Teams With Ready-to-Deploy Solar Service Enablement Solutions For Field Service Technicians

Optimize your solar energy operations with Fieldproxy. Automate your solar panel installation, tracking, and maintenance tasks. Get real-time insights into energy production, and keep track of your customers, leads, and invoices all in one place.

AI Powered Work Order Management

Integrate with your existing IoT devices and office solutions to automatically create and assign service work orders to your field agents, in real time. Build a seamless work order management system around your solar service teams, and reduce SLA lapses and time to fix rates while doing so.

Asset And Company Equipment Monitoring

Tracking and management of solar panel inventory, including panel details, installation dates, and maintenance history is an absolute necessity. Fieldproxy ensures complete visibility and control over your valuable assets. Maximize utilization, reduce costs, and streamline your solar operations with Fieldproxy's intuitive asset management solution.

All-In-One Mobile App

Maximize the productivity of your solar service technicians with Fieldproxy's mobile application. With real-time synchronization, streamline your field operations for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction using the Fieldproxy mobile app.

Real-Time Analytics And Reporting

Use interactive and intuitive data visualizations to track key metrics, monitor job progress, and make informed decisions. Drive operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and stay ahead of the competition with our powerful analytical tools.

Transform Your Business With Fieldproxy

From home and commercial projects to routine maintenance and emergency repairs – Fieldproxy completely customizable business management software helps you automate mundane tasks so you can focus on what matters.

Use automation to create service jobs as soon as a request is made, and assign it to the best possible agent using Fieldproxy's smart scheduling and task allocation solutions. Reduce response times by as much as 40%

Schedule new jobs with just a few clicks from the office or in the field using the mobile app. With real-time synchronization, streamline your field operations for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction using the Fieldproxy mobile app.

Easily create professional quotes, track estimates, and generate invoices with ease. Streamline your financial operations, improve cash flow, and ensure transparent billing for your electrical service teams

Use Fieldproxy to enable geofencing and location-based task allocation and assignment to make sure only the right agents are assigned to the right clients. Increase productivity by as much as 25% for your collection agents

We Are Here To Help You Do Better -
All Your Field Service Management Features In One Place

work order management
Magic Flows
Use Fieldproxy's allocation algorithms to automatically create and assign service tickets, use predictive intelligence to renew contracts and initiate service requests, order products, raise invoices, and much more.
Capacity Planning
Define and create fixed and ad-hoc field teams and service crews based on geography, skills, type of work, and availability. Distribute work seamlessly and receive, assign, and track all your service jobs in one place
Automate Opportunity Generation
Prioritize visits that involve older equipment and possible replacements and enable your technicians to review open estimates, equipment service histories, and notes to find new sales opportunities at a location.
Automated Issue Resolutions
Do not keep customers waiting - use Fieldproxy's advanced suggestive AI to automatically display a list of recommended solutions from your knowledgebase to the customer as an L1 support resolution.
Intelligent Quotes And Estimates
Set up automated followups for quote approvals and invoice payments to send reminders based on likelihood and customer history, as well as SLA records and service schedules.
AI Powered Route Optimizations
With improved route optimization, your agents are always assigned the right tickets at the right time, all with the single click of a button. Create magic for your service technicians with optimized route scheduling.
Stock Maintenance
Revamp management processes for individual stockrooms and truck stock by streamlining operations and enhancing swaps and transfers, all the while ensuring the integrity of stock levels is maintained.
Predictive Reporting And Suggestions
Eliminate bottlenecks through the implementation of process automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Leverage machine learning (ML) to provide insightful recommendations and enhance overall efficiency.
Project Planning & Management
Establish a robust system for creating, managing, and monitoring project workflows, ensuring tasks are executed in a sequential manner, adhering to timelines and budget constraints.

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