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Optimize Your FMCG Business with Field Service Management Software

Streamline your FMCG business with Fieldproxy's FSM software. Fieldproxy provides features such as scheduling, dispatching, real-time tracking, communication, performance tracking, and documentation of work done.

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We've got a 4.8 star rating from 795 reviews. Everyone loves the simplicity of the Universal UI Kit.

Our Customers Love Us - Why Wouldn't You?

"Fieldproxy provides the support we need to manage the key areas of operation at Indigo Paints. Among other things, it enables us to gain real-time site visit data and support for our processes.”
HR at Indigo Paints
"Location tracking is crucial for managing my remote team. It helps improve efficiency and productivity by keeping tabs on employees' whereabouts. Highly recommend to any business in need of a reliable way to manage their remote workforce."
Abhishek Javeri
Director At PASL
"Fieldproxy has significantly improved our report management process. Before using this application, we struggled to keep track of our reports, but now we can easily manage and organize them as we expected.”
Nasir Shaikh
Sales Manager At Aspira
"After using Fieldproxy, it has significantly improved our operations. Our managers can easily track users and share reports with the management team and our users find the application user-friendly and easy to use.”
Gobalakrishnan M
Chief Operating Officer
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Transform Your Business With Fieldproxy

From home and commercial projects to routine maintenance and emergency repairs – Fieldproxy completely customizable business management software helps you automate mundane tasks so you can focus on what matters.

Scheduling And Dispatching

FSM software should enable pest control companies to schedule, dispatch, and reassign appointments in real-time.

Billing And Invoice

The FSM tool should allow for the easy creation and management of invoices and estimates, as well as the ability to integrate with accounting software.

Reporting And Analytics

The FSM tool should enable construction companies to generate reports on various aspects of their operations, such as project costs, resource utilization, and timeline adherence.

Mobile Access

Technicians should be able to access customer information, work orders, and job details on their mobile devices.

Boost Your FMCG Sales with Data-Driven Insights

Drive growth for your fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business by leveraging data-driven insights that reveal consumer trends, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance supply chain management.

Get The Most Out Of Your Service Technicians With Fieldproxy

Ticket Management

Enhance your efficiency and stay organized with our advanced ticket management system. Creating tickets, prioritizing urgent requests, and effortlessly accessing the complete history.

Inventory Control

Giving your field technicians the ability to manage inventory on-the-go. Ensure your resources are where they need to be with real-time stock updates and inventory management.

Route Optimization

Optimizes your technician's GPS location and tracks time and mileage, helping you save on fuel and payroll costs while keeping your customers informed and updated on job progress.

Payment Collection

Collect payments from your clients when they are in the field. Your technician can accept card payments using their smartphones, which makes the field collection process much faster.


Notification function, which will notify the manager when an agent complete a task. This feature is essential for the manager to manage the work of the agents.

Real-time Dashboard

With completely customizable, infinitely scalable dashboards and reports, managers will be able to keep a 360 degree view of their organization and make data driven decisions

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Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
How can Fieldproxy help FMCG companies reduce service costs?

Fieldproxy enables FMCG companies to optimize their field service operations, reducing costs associated with travel time, unnecessary service calls, and inefficient resource allocation. By automating many routine tasks, Fieldproxy also frees up technicians to focus on higher-value activities.

How can Fieldproxy help FMCG companies manage and track inventory levels?

Fieldproxy has inventory management features that enable FMCG companies to track stock levels, including real-time updates on parts usage and availability. This helps ensure that technicians have the necessary parts and tools to complete repairs on the first visit, reducing service time and improving customer satisfaction.

How does Fieldproxy help FMCG companies improve service quality and consistency?

Fieldproxy provides FMCG companies with tools to standardize service delivery, including checklists, best practices, and training materials. This helps ensure that technicians follow consistent procedures and deliver high-quality service, regardless of their location.

How can Fieldproxy help FMCG companies with compliance and regulation requirements?

Fieldproxy has features that enable FMCG companies to adhere to industry regulations and standards, such as tracking maintenance schedules, ensuring that technicians have proper training and certifications, and documenting all work performed for quality control and compliance purposes.

Can Fieldproxy help FMCG companies improve customer engagement and loyalty?

Yes, Fieldproxy has customer feedback features that enable FMCG companies to gather and analyze customer feedback, including ratings and reviews. This can help companies identify areas for improvement, address customer concerns, and enhance overall customer engagement and loyalty.

Do you offer customer support?

With the enterprise plan you get a dedicated customer success manager, along with chat and call support.