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Increase sales order turnovers for your pharmaceutical field teams through AI-driven field service management tools and employee monitoring software for deliveries to invoiving, and everything in between
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Service Automation

Fieldproxy has tailored remote team solutions to make your workflow management more efficient.
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Real-time Communication With Your Field Teams

All your work in one seamless workspace for easy collaboration

Data Collection

Check status against projected timelines and never miss a deadline

Manual Processes Slowing Down Your Field Teams?

With all your data in one place, share cross-departmental insights

Make Upselling
Efficient Again

Completely revamp your sales agents' pitches with actionable insights.

Order Tracking

It is increasingly difficult to succeed in a competitive pharmaceutical market as more brands are trying to grow their sales numbers. You can 4x your sales numbers by taking advantage of our order tracking and automation solutions.
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"Syncing sales with inventory was so smooth with Unicorns. No more gaps between sales and merchandise while dealing with prospective leads."
-Rudra Ghosh, CEO, Vermillion
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Visit Plan And
Route Optimization
For Field Teams

Schedule meetings faster, share important documents and data effortlessly and work closely together 10x your daily targets with the help of our AI assistant today!

Track the progress of an entire pharmaceutical company in one single dashboard. Manage your pharma field teams easier than ever before.
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With Fieldproxy you'll be able to :
Boost team
communication by 30%
Monitor delivery timelines, reduce late deliveries by 45%
100% actionable insights
Hit all your targets and more,
Double your upsells
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Order Management

With Delivery Order Management, you can scale your business with one centralized solution that will improve your team's workflows and deliver a better customer experience.

Keep your customers happy with shortened response times and no missed opportunities.

70% Lesser Delivery Delays

Better delivery quality, happy customers, and an overall healthy organization.

95% Spike In
Agent Efficiency

Build better quality delivery agents in your organization through effective performance analytics and metric monitoring for individuals.

Work Order Management

Fieldproxy is a work order management system designed specifically for the pharma industry. It automates your paperwork by collecting data from your pharma sales agents, allowing you to create reports, use insights to generate modelling reports, and assign tasks to agents.
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"We've hit our projected numbers and more with the ability to take action with real-time data."
-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt
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Attendance & Productivity

Fieldproxy's attendance-enhancing software offers a way to track everyone's attendance and tasks without the need for manual input or human attendants! This innovative solution allows organizations to track their workforce in real-time with no limitations on who can use it, making it ideal for the pharma industry.
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"Syncing sales with inventory was so smooth with Unicorns. No more gaps between sales and merchandise while dealing with prospective leads."
-Rudra Ghosh, CEO, Vermillion
"I love how Fieldproxy enables better managing of our field team with the help of task allocation, while also providing us with the ability to monitor the productivity, track expenses, and manage attendance, all in one app"
- Abhishek Javeri, PASL Wind Solutions

Seamless Integration With All Your Favorite Tools

We do the tracking so you don't have to waste time manually logging data
Integrate With My Apps

Agent Details

Tracks sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment, while powering your entire remote workforce forward.

Sales Tracking

Track incoming invoices, scheduled deliveries, transits, package details, and more, all in a single app.

Order Management

Handle supply chain issues and order distribution concerns with ease,  while also keeping up with your existing orders.

More Fieldproxy Features

Contract/License Management
Fixed Asset Management
Inventory Control
Job Management
Preventive Maintenance
Equipment Management
Visit Plan Optimization
Work Order Management
Bid Management
Live Activity Dashboards
Booking Management
Calendar Sync and Management
Agent Route Scheduling
Project Billing
Commercial Inspection Software
Quotes and Estimate Generation
Field Payment Collection
Alerts and Notifications

A Remote Team Management App For Everyone

Easily manage customer profiles
Delivery insights updated in real-time
Manage preorders, backorders, returns, and more
Make real-time decisions - Everything you need, in one place!
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Set and track organization to individual-level targets
Monitor timelines for tasks and match them against your organization's targets
View all your data in one place at the same time
Set up hierarchies for your teams, create and manage roles, and do a lot more directly from the app.
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Here's what our customers say

"Their location based task allocation and tracking is very helpful - it provides accurate data on real time basis!"
-Gaurav. K
BizBloom Private
"It's got really good ready-made components for maps. Amazingly easy to use."
Cikgu Taiff

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Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
What is fieldproxy?

Fieldproxy is a Field Service Management tool that caters to all different aspects of Field service in one place. Creating workflows for assigning tasks, attendance, scheduling jobs, monitoring field service agents or technicians, reporting, collaboration, and customer feedback - all at one place ensures efficiency and quality of customer experience.

How does fieldproxy work?

Fieldproxy helps teams build end-to-end no code solutions through simple drag-and-drop workflows. Absolutely zero coding knowledge needed, and you get a solution that's unique to your business.

What kind of solutions can I build with Fieldproxy?

Fieldproxy works for almost any business use case that you can think of - be it a debt collection checklist for your field collection agents, or a product catalogue of all the medical equipment your pharma sales agents are pitching to hospitals, or a distributor validation and verification process for your FMCG dealers - the only limit is your imagination.

What if I don't want to build a complete workflow by myself?

If you believe that setting up an entire workflow by yourself - which only takes two minutes - is a bit hectic, we've got your back. Fieldproxy also comes with its own library of 60+ easily customizable templates, that you can implement for your organization with just one click.

Where can I find help related to creating and managing workflows?

Stuck somewhere and don't know who to go to? Don't worry. Fieldproxy has a comprehensive collection of help docs that guide you step by step through the product, what to do, how to do it, and where you can seek additional help.

Do you offer customer support?

With the enterprise plan you get a dedicated customer success manager, along with chat and call support.

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