VSS Services Leverages Fieldproxy

How one of the leading security services companies in the country uses Fieldproxy to manage its day to day operations

About Company

VSS Group, an ISO 9001-2015 IFMS company, stands as a symbol of excellence in the security services world. They are dedicated to providing quality and value-added solutions to a diverse clientele across various industry verticals and functional domains.

Obstacles In VSS Group's Growth Plans

Amidst its remarkable achievements, VSS faced certain challenges that hindered its growth trajectory:

Inspection Process

Technicians from VSS were tasked with travelling to different locations and service points to perform routine checks on the displays and adverts there. This procedure required a lot of time and frequently resulted in delays when addressing problems.

Inefficient Issue Resolution

Technicians, upon discovering problems while conducting inspections, were required to manually phone or write down problems on paper and then either assign work to other people or sometimes assign themselves to solve the problems. This procedure resulted in confusion, delays, and even duplication of effort on occasion.

Offline Data Capture

The utilisation of manual methods for the collecting of data The loss of some papers caused complications for the technicians who were working in regions with spotty or no internet connectivity while taking notes on various online documents. As a consequence of this, data updates were frequently either delayed or left incomplete.

Lack of Communication

Due to the absence of any kind of notice The higher authorities are unaware of what is taking place on the field. Technicians are required to contact the boss to obtain permission before beginning work.Because of this, the process of making decisions and solving problems was slowed down.

How Fieldproxy Revolutionized VSS' Operations

VSS Group's journey towards enhanced operational efficiency and seamless issue resolution found a powerful ally in Fieldproxy's innovative solutions:

Ticket Management: Streamlining Processes and Boosting Efficiency

The implementation of Fieldproxy's mobile app brought a transformative change to our client's operations. Previously, technicians had to rely on manual methods for creating tickets and assigning tasks, leading to potential errors, confusion, and time wastage. After implementing Fieldproxy, this process underwent a revolutionary shift. Technicians gained the ability to create tickets directly within the app, specifying the nature of the issue and its location.

The automated ticket assignment system then took center stage. Fieldproxy's AI matched each ticket to the appropriate technician based on their expertise and availability. This automation eliminated the need for time-consuming manual input and reduced the risk of human error. As a result, technicians could focus more on addressing issues and less on administrative tasks, significantly boosting overall operational efficiency.

Fieldproxy Ticket Management Dashboard
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