Tuskerberry Leverages Fieldproxy

One of India's leading agro distribution organizations superpowers its day to day operations using Fieldproxy.

About The Company

Tusker Berry has achieved success in establishing a network of offices in strategic global locations, enhancing the efficiency of our supply chain operations in crucial areas and facilitating swift commerce. Their overarching vision is to establish a gateway company, featuring wholly-owned offices in the top 10 global business locations, complemented by an extensive network of partnerships and joint ventures in other strategic areas.

Let's take a look at how Fieldproxy helps Tuskerberry achieve this vision for a quality enterprise.

Obstacles In Tuskerberry's Growth Plans

Tuskerberry faced challenges in tracking their daily product sales record and attendance for their sales teams. They needed an efficient and reliable field service management solution to manage their attendance and sales.

Tuskerberry's Partnership With Fieldproxy

Updated Sales Visit Processes

To overcome their sales and attendance management challenges, Tuskerberry partnered with Fieldproxy, a reliable field service management solution. Leveraging Fieldproxy’s advanced lead creation and sales visit scheduling features, our client's field sales professionals were able to decrease turnaround time drastically. The features helped outside sales professionals perform faster sales visits. Specifically:

  • Sales professionals create leads and prospects on the Fieldproxy app.
  • They can schedule visits through the mobile app, which helps them save time and plan their schedule more efficiently.
  • Sales professionals can take down orders and sales directly through the app.
  • Managers get notified immediately when a sale is made, enabling them to quickly respond to customer needs.
  • Even if a sale is not made, a follow-up visit is scheduled from the mobile app itself, ensuring that potential customers are not missed.

Attendance and Leave Management

Fieldproxy provided Tuskerberry with an attendance management system that helped them manage their field sales team's attendance and leave in a hassle-free way. This helped the client reduce errors and improve their operational efficiency.

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