SMW Hydraulics Scales Using Fieldproxy

Learn how SMW Hydraulics uses intelligent scheduling and task management to scale its organization to new heights.

About The Company

The origin of Construction Mini Lift can be traced back to Selambu Mechanical Works, initiated in 1974 by SMW's proprietor, Mr. M.L. Sundram, in Selambagounden Palayam, with an initial investment of a thousand rupees and two workers.

As of now, the company boasts assets exceeding 40 lakhs and employs a dedicated team of over 30 individuals. Initially, we commenced with a fabrication unit in 1974, and in 1984, we expanded our operations to include a pump manufacturing division. In 2001, we further diversified by establishing a high tensile bolt nut manufacturing division.

I am pleased to announce that we have emerged as the leading manufacturer of high tensile bolts for heavy trucks and water cooling pumps. Our journey from a humble beginning to a prominent position in the industry reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.

Obstacles In SMW's Growth Plans

SM faced challenges in managing its installation services for their customers. They needed an efficient and reliable field service management solution to manage their installation services, streamline their ticket management process, and gather customer feedback.

SMWs Partnership With Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is glad to have partnered with SMW, to help align their field service team to towards the mission and vision of the organizations. Here’s how we helped SMW overcome its challenges:

Managing their Tickets

Fieldproxy provides SMW with a comprehensive ticket management system, which allows them to optimize their resource allocation, reduce response times, and track and manage their customer service requests and installation services in real-time.

  • Using the Fieldproxy mobile app, customers can raise a ticket that is immediately assigned to a service agent for resolution.
  • Service agents can then schedule visits through the app, and managers are notified in real-time when an issue is resolved.
  • Even if a service is not made on the scheduled date, service agents can use the Fieldproxy mobile app to schedule a follow-up visit.
  • This helps that customers' concerns are addressed promptly and helps Krishiinet maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.
Image Source: Fieldproxy Dashboard

Collecting Customer Feedback Within App

SMW collect their customer feedback through the fieldproxy mobile app. This helped them to understand their customers' needs and preferences and improve their service quality. Service team can gather valuable insights about their customers' needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels through viewing the dashboard. This feedback can helps service teams improve their performance and deliver a better customer experience.

Image Source: Fieldproxy Dashboard

Enquiry and installation service

Scheduling: Fieldproxy made SMW daily work and route schedule very easy to handle customer installation services using the fieldproxy mobile app.

Dispatching: They dispatch the most suitable technicians to handle each installation service based on their availability, location, and expertise.

Monitoring: The Fieldproxy app enables SMW to monitor the installation progress in real-time, ensuring that the services are delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.

Quality control: The app also allows SMW to perform quality control checks to ensure that the installation is working correctly, and the customer is satisfied with the service.

Image Source: Fieldproxy Dashboard

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