Royal Haskoning

Discover how Fieldproxy helped Royal Haskoning overcome operational obstacles and streamline their field operations. Learn how their attendance management and detailed documentation features boosted productivity and improved data management, enabling Royal Haskoning to make a positive impact in the built environment.
July 10, 2023

About Company

Royal Haskoning is a well-known consulting engineering firm that is dedicated to making a positive impact on society by providing sustainable solutions for the built environment. The company is really committed to making a positive difference. They've taken on a big mission to address the complicated issues that come with global changes like climate change and digital progress. However, in order to effectively tackle these challenges, Royal Haskoning needed a strong solution that would help them optimize their field operations and make their day-to-day activities more efficient.  

In this case study, we will delve into how Fieldproxy became a crucial factor in helping Royal Haskoning achieve its growth objectives and tackle operational challenges.

Obstacles In Royal Haskoning's Growth Plans

When Royal Haskoning embraced change, they faced a number of challenges in their plans for growth. Managing a large workforce that is spread out across different locations and coordinating different tasks in the field has proven to be quite challenging. The old ways we used to communicate and manage data really slowed us down and caused a lot of problems. In addition, making sure that attendance is accurately managed and documenting field activities in detail has become more and more demanding in terms of effort and time. These obstacles were posing a threat to Royal Haskoning's ability to effectively respond to their goals.

How Fieldproxy Helps Royal Haskoning

Fieldproxy's comprehensive suite of features proved instrumental in addressing the obstacles Royal Haskoning faced. Let's delve into two key areas where Fieldproxy brought significant improvements

Attendance Management

The attendance management feature of Fieldproxy has made easy their daily process. It has completely eliminated the need for manual processes, which means less room for errors. Not only that, but it has also saved a lot of precious time for both field teams and managers. With the Fieldproxy mobile application, field service teams can conveniently record their attendance by checking in and out. Managers can easily view their daily activities through a dashboard in real-time, which helps streamline the attendance management process.

Capturing Details

Accurate documentation of field activities is extremely important for the success of Royal Haskoning's projects. Fieldproxy enables field service teams to easily capture on-site visits and attach detailed images. This allows them to provide comprehensive visual evidence of completed tasks, site conditions, and project progress. Field service teams were able to save time and improve the accuracy of project records by capturing these details directly within the Fieldproxy mobile app, instead of having to do manual documentation.


Royal Haskoning was able to achieve greater productivity, improved data management, and enhanced customer satisfaction by using Fieldproxy. Because of this, Royal Haskoning was in a better position to carry out its goal of improving society through sustainable solutions in the built environment and keep making a positive difference in the world.

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