Rite Water Solutions And Fieldproxy: The Rite Choice

Rite Water Solutions chooses Fieldproxy as its trusted field service operations management platform

About The Company

Rite Water Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a certified ISO organization dedicated to the mission of delivering pure drinking water solutions. Specializing in water solutions and enhancing water quality in both rural and urban areas, their primary goal is to introduce cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

They aim to provide safe drinking water to communities grappling with biological and chemical contamination of existing surface and groundwater sources. And Fieldproxy is proud to be able to help Rite Water on this noble journey.

Obstacles In Rite Water's Growth Plans

Rite Water encountered several obstacles while pursuing its growth plans. The company struggled with efficiently tracking stock sales, managing deliveries, and monitoring the real-time location of goods. These challenges hindered their ability to optimize their operations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Rite Water's Partnership With Fieldproxy

Inventory Management

Rite Water gained better visibility into their stock levels, allowing them to accurately track their products and ensure efficient replenishment. This has resulted in reduced stockouts and improved overall inventory control.

Location Tracking of Sales Agents

Fieldproxy's solution has provided Rite Water Solutions with real-time location tracking of their sales team. This has enabled them to monitor their field sales team activities, track their movements, and ensure they are following the assigned Job schedules. With this enhanced visibility, Rite Water has been able to optimize their sales operations, identify potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve productivity.

Spot Sales

Sales agents can now capture and process orders on the go using Fieldproxy's mobile app. This has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their spot sales activities, allowing them to capture more opportunities and increase revenue.

Delivery Management of Stocks

Fieldproxy's solution has streamlined Rite Water's delivery management process. The system provides real-time updates on delivery status, allowing Rite Water to track the movement of stocks from their warehouses to the customers' locations. This has improved delivery accuracy, reduced delays, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

How Is The Rite Water Team Doing Now?

Rite Water has experienced significant improvements in their operations. They have witnessed enhanced efficiency, reduced lead times, and improved customer service through better inventory management and streamlined delivery processes.

Real-time visibility into the movement of goods has empowered Rite Water to make informed decisions and promptly address any delays or issues. Moreover, by optimizing inventory management and minimizing stockouts, Rite Water achieved cost savings and improved their order fulfillment processes.

These positive changes have led to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business.


Rite Water's collaboration with Fieldproxy and the implementation of their field service management solution have successfully addressed the challenges they faced in stock sales tracking, delivery management, and location tracking. By leveraging Fieldproxy's robust tools and features, Rite Water has achieved enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings. This partnership has positioned Rite Water for sustained growth and success in the global water and other solutions industry.

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