Why did Praclka decide to switch to Fieldproxy for managing their sales and service team? Read Now
March 20, 2023


Pralcka is a manufacturing company headquartered in Madurai, India. The company has been in business since 1985 and is known for its strong values and commitment to business ethics.

Pralcka designs and manufactures a variety of equipment, including jaw crushers, vertical shaft impactors, sand washing machines, grizzly feeders, vibro feeders, inclined vibrators, conveyors, feeding hoppers, and storage hoppers.

The Problem

Pralcka has a sales and service team that works onsite. However, managers were facing challenges in tracking their team's activities and generating reports due to the need for proper tools.

Managers were unable to track user activity, including attendance and customer interactions. This made it difficult to identify any inefficiencies in the team's operations and to provide feedback and training to improve their performance.

The Solution

To address their issue, 'Pralcka partnered with Fieldproxy'

Fieldproxy offers a range of features to help managers to track user activity, manage customer interactions, and view location intelligence data. One of the main feature Pralcka use is daily attendance, which allows agents to check in and check out from their attendance wherever they are, along with their selfie.

This allows provides transparency for the manager, who can see the check-in and check-out date, time, address, and image of the user in the attendance report. As a result, the manager can easily keep track of their team's attendance and ensure that they are working efficiently.

Another feature Pralcka use is customer management, which enables users to add new client details, check-in to the customer place, and update the enquiry made with the customer.

Managers can see all the data in the reports, which helps them keep track of customer interactions and ensure that their team is providing excellent customer service.

Fieldproxy also offers live location tracking and location intelligence to track the locations they have traveled to and the activities they have done. This feature helps managers keep track of their team's movements and ensure that they are visiting customers and prospects as planned.


After implementing Fieldproxy, Pralcka's sales and service operations have shown significant improvement. With Fieldproxy in place, managers can now track user activity and generate reports to identify any inefficiencies in the team's processes. Some of the key results after implementing Fieldproxy include improved attendance management, better customer management, and improved location tracking.

If you own a service business, you may be able to relate to the problems Pralcka faced before becoming a Fieldproxy user. Try Fieldproxy and see how it can help your business to grow with productivity

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