Why Pneumocare trusts Fieldproxy to help align their field sales teams towards the mission and vision of the organizations.
April 20, 2023

About The Company

PneumoCare has been India’s foremost and Premium company in the field of Sleep, Respiratory, and Critical Care Medical Equipment since 1996. Pioneering the fields of Sleep and Non-Invasive Ventilation in India, the founders of this company have since developed it into a formidable conglomeration of medical devices and an excellent service organization of international repute.

Obstacles In PneumoCare Growth Plans

PneumoCare faced challenges in managing its installation services for their customers. They needed an efficient and reliable field service management solution to manage their installation services, streamline their ticket management process, and gather customer feedback.

PneumoCare Partnership With Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is glad to have partnered with Pneumocare, to help align their field service team to towards the mission and vision of the organizations. Here’s how we helped Pneumocare overcome its challenges:

Report Collection

Designed real-time dashboards enabling managers to view data and reports as soon as their sales team records it from their mobile app

Sales Tracking

A way for PneumoCare agents to be able to keep a record of all their existing customers and increase the chances of an upsell.

Product Catalogue

Show their prospects all of what P has to offer, and more, with pictures, specifications, and detailed use cases - from one place.

Record Deals Digitally

Pitch to prospects and record the sales in a digital medium quickly, instead of using time-consuming paper inputs.

How Are PneumoCare Sales Team Doing Now?

Fieldproxy’s field service automation and field team management solution changes the way businesses operate. It helped PneumoCare grow its business drastically, enabling them to save time and generate more revenue at the same time. And it can do the same for your business as well.‍

50% Reduced PneumoCare’ operation times by roughly half within the first quarter.

10k Agents recorded on average 10,000 responses per month on tasks.

22% Increased PneumoCare’ revenue by 22% YoY, helping them move their operations at scale.

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