Mahamaya Internet

Why A 13-year-old organization trusts Fieldproxy as its field service automation and Employee Management Solution
September 19, 2019

Company Overview

Mahamaya Internet is an established India-based corporation best known as for internet service providers They have a history of making excellent service and they made simple, inventive and reliable - for everyone, everywhere. Naturally, they have a massive field force and service team across india, and need some assistance in managing them. Fieldproxy helped Mahamaya Internet to accelerate their field teams and make it easier for these teams to coordinate, automate, and deploy operations faster than ever before.

What Mahamaya Internet Needed

  • A completely online data collection and management tool for PoS and after sales Service related details.
  • A more robust task scheduling solution for processing their service orders.
  • Updates in sales and numbers reported to managers in real-time. An expense, delivery, and payments management tool all clubbed together in one complete employee management software.

Our Solution?

Real-Time Dashboards

Designed real-time dashboards enabling managers to view data as soon as their sales team records it from their mobile app

Simple Task Allocation

Provided managers to be able to use geofencing to allocate tasks to the salesmen closest to the store's

Migrate Operations Online

Transfered all of Mahamaya Internet operations online on the Fieldproxy app, providing their sales teams to just login and access past data with zero to little effort.

Merchandising and Order Management

Enabled field service teams to perform merchandising and taking down sales orders from the app, reducing friction between the suppliers and buyers and closing deals faster.


Fieldproxy’s field service automation and field team management solution changes the way business operate. It helped Mahamaya Internet its business drastically, enabling them to save time, but generate more revenue at the same time. And it can do the same for your business as well.‍

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