Revolutionizing Payment Collection and Field Activity Tracking for Krithika Finance

Read how leading financial institution uses fieldproxy to increase their payment collection
May 9, 2023


Krithika Finance, a leading financial institution, embarked on a journey to optimize their payment collection activities and streamline field activity tracking. They recognized that efficient remote attendance management, real-time tracking, distance-based expense management, and seamless payment collection processes were essential for their continued growth and success. To tackle these challenges head-on, Krithika Finance decided to implement FieldProxy, a comprehensive field service management software. This use case demonstrates how FieldProxy's features empowered Krithika Finance to overcome these challenges and enhance their operational efficiency.

Remote Attendance Management


Krithika Finance faced a significant challenge in accurately tracking the attendance of its remote field teams. This issue had potential ramifications for the company, including inconsistencies and inaccuracies in payroll and expense claims. With field agents working in diverse locations and varying schedules, manual attendance tracking became impractical and error-prone.


To address this challenge, FieldProxy implemented a robust remote attendance management system. This innovative feature allowed field agents to log their attendance remotely using a user-friendly mobile application. By doing so, it ensured the creation of accurate and reliable attendance records. This automation eliminated the possibility of errors in payroll calculations and expense claims, enhancing the overall efficiency and accuracy of the company's workforce management.

Live Tracking of Field Activities


For Krithika Finance, real-time monitoring of field activities was essential to maintain oversight and ensure the efficient execution of tasks by field teams. Without this capability, there was a risk of delays, miscommunication, and a lack of visibility into ongoing field operations.


FieldProxy's live tracking functionality was the perfect solution to this challenge. By incorporating this feature into their system, Krithika Finance gained the ability to monitor field activities in real-time. Managers and supervisors could now access a centralized dashboard displaying the location and progress of field agents. This transparency empowered proactive management, enabling timely decision-making and the ability to address issues or adjust plans on the fly. As a result, the company achieved better control over its field operations, leading to increased efficiency and improved customer service.

Distance-Based Expense Management


One of the complexities Krithika Finance faced was managing expenses incurred by field agents based on the distance they traveled. Manual calculations were prone to errors and consumed valuable time. Additionally, there was a risk of inaccuracies in expense reimbursements.


FieldProxy introduced a sophisticated distance-based expense management feature. This automation system eliminated the need for manual calculations, which were often error-prone. Instead, the system calculated expenses based on actual distances traveled by field agents. This not only reduced the risk of inaccuracies but also improved the efficiency of the expense reimbursement process. Field agents no longer had to spend time on tedious calculations and paperwork, allowing them to focus more on their core tasks. This innovation streamlined expense management, leading to cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Effortless Payment Collection


Efficiently collecting payments from clients was a critical aspect of Krithika Finance's business, but the existing process was often time-consuming and cumbersome. Field agents faced difficulties when attempting to collect payments in the field, which could result in delayed or missed payments.


FieldProxy simplified payment collection activities with an intuitive and easy-to-use feature. Field agents were equipped with a mobile payment collection tool that allowed them to accept payments seamlessly from clients. This technology not only expedited the payment collection process but also reduced the overall collection timeline. Clients appreciated the convenience of making payments in the field, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Moreover, the company benefited from increased cash flow and reduced administrative overhead associated with manual payment handling. The effortless payment collection feature proved to be a win-win solution for both Krithika Finance and its clients.

Results Achieved

Significant Reduction in False Expense Claims

 FieldProxy's distance-based expense management feature led to a substantial reduction in false expense claims. By automating expense calculations based on actual distances traveled, it eliminated errors and ensured that expenses were accurately reimbursed. This not only enhanced financial accuracy but also boosted the trust and satisfaction of field agents, who now received fair and precise reimbursements. As a result, Krithika Finance experienced a marked decrease in unwarranted expense claims, leading to significant cost savings.

Decreased Overall Collection Timeline

 FieldProxy's effortless payment collection feature streamlined the payment collection process for Krithika Finance. Field agents could collect payments efficiently and effortlessly, leading to a remarkable decrease in the overall collection timeline. This not only saved time but also improved cash flow, allowing the organization to reinvest capital more rapidly. Krithika Finance's ability to collect payments faster also contributed to improved liquidity, enabling them to meet financial obligations and investment requirements promptly.

Enhanced Field Agent Productivity

 With FieldProxy's remote attendance management and real-time tracking features, Krithika Finance witnessed a significant boost in field agent productivity. Agents no longer had to spend valuable time on manual attendance reporting or navigating inefficient routes. This productivity enhancement translated into more client interactions and higher revenue generation.


FieldProxy's comprehensive implementation transformed payment collection activities and field activity tracking for Krithika Finance. The software provided solutions for remote attendance management, real-time tracking, distance-based expense management, and payment collection efficiency. The substantial reduction in false expense claims and the decrease in the overall collection timeline significantly improved Krithika Finance's operational efficiency and financial performance.

FieldProxy emerged as a valuable tool, helping Krithika Finance stay competitive and excel in the financial industry. It enabled them to achieve their financial goals with precision and accuracy while providing exceptional service to their clients. Krithika Finance now stands as a prime example of how innovative field service management solutions can revolutionize traditional financial processes.

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