Kohat Cement

Why Kohat cement trusts Fieldproxy to help align their field teams towards the mission and vision of the organizations.
April 5, 2023


State Cement Corporation of Pakistan (SCCP) established a 1000 TPD Romanian cement line at Kohat in 1984. The Government of Pakistan in open bidding in 1992 privatized the Company. They manufacture white cement and gray cement.

About The Company

The new management headed by Aizaz Sheikh (CEO) undertook an extensive BMR program in 1995 funded by proceeds of a public offering and a commercial debt. The capacity of the Plant was enhanced to 1,800 TPD by engaging KHD, a renowned German Company

KCCL has been in expansion mode since then and timely converted to coal firing, established a white cement plant of 450 TPD production capacity, set up a new grey cement line of 6,700 TPD capacity and also established a standby power plant of 22.4 MW capacity.

Obstacles In Kohat Cement Growth Plans

Kohat Cements has a massive outside sales operation. Their teams are out on the field nearly every single day, creating leads and opportunities for the company. The field agents have a set hierarchy, with managers and different reporting hierarchies. Consequently, managing all of these users can get cumbersome really quickly.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, things got a bit more hectic. Fieldproxy came into the picture with its host of readymade solutions, but before we get there, let’s take a look at how Kohat cement previously ran their operations.

Manual Agent Performance Measurement

Despite having a huge number of field team professionals under their belt, Kohat Cement had a manual approach to how they operate them. This meant that things could be improved in certain aspects along the organization that would help boost sales further.

Slower Communication Down The Chain

With large teams you also get a fairly more complex organizational chain, and any change or communication takes a long time to reach everyone when you’re doing things manually. Something needed to change, because faster communication through the chain equals faster execution of ideas and better data-backed results.

Sales Processes Needed A Revamp

The typical day of an outside sales professional involved a steps:

  • The salesperson checks in for the day
  • They visit a number of possible prospects by the day ends
  • Any good opportunity is created as a lead and recorded in their data sheets
  • If a sale is made on the spot, the revenue is reported to the immediate manager
  • In case of a sale not being made on the spot, a follow up visit is scheduled on the sales agent’s calendar
  • The salesperson checks out for the day

Needless to say, a lot of things are going on while an employee moves about his day at kohat cement. Is this the most optimal way to carry out tasks? How can a few teams be made just as good if not better than the other teams? What kind of tools do the teams need? 

All of these questions had a few good answers, but let’s take a look at how Fieldproxy was able to solve for these challenges and more for Kohat cement

Kohat Cement Partnership With Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is glad to have partnered with kohat cement to help align their field teams towards the mission and vision of the organizations. Here’s how we helped kohat overcome their challenges in as little as two months.

1. Updated Sales Visit Processes

Leveraging Fieldproxy’s advanced lead creation and sales visit scheduling features, Kohat Cement field sales professionals were able to decrease turnaround time drastically. The features helped outside sales professionals perform faster sales visits. How?

  • Sales professionals create leads and prospects on the Fieldproxy app
  • Schedule visits through the mobile app
  • Take down orders and sales
  • Managers get notified immediately when a sale is made
  • Even if a sale is not made, a follow-up visit is scheduled from the mobile app itself

2. Transparent Team Management Processes

With Fieldproxy’s highly flexible role builder and team management systems, it became incredibly easy for kohat cement to manage and deploy all of their field teams with just a few clicks.

Creating a hierarchical structure and allocating tasks and schedules to specific teams and resources becomes seamless with Fieldproxy.

3. Offline Data Capture And Processing

One key factor that could hinder kohat cement sales teams when they’re out on the field was how they would be able to relay sales information to their managers, in case of poor network coverage.

What would happen when an agent has lost connectivity to the internet? Is there a way for the agent to tell their manager whether or not a sale is made? How is the manager supposed to have accurate real-time data if a hundred such agents don’t have access to the internet?

Fieldproxy helps Kohat Cement cover all of these use cases and more. With offline data capture and sales task processing, agents are now able to update sales numbers regardless of where they are or how bad their network is.

How Is Kohat Cement Sales Team Doing Now?

  • 300+ responses recorded on the Fieldproxy app, per day. 1800+ responses a week means a lot of data for managers to make better decisions in just a few mintues, instead of spending multiple hours trying to make sense of data on paper.

  • Agents reportedly able to approach more opportunities than they could before, meaning faster prospect qualification and more sales.

  • Much healthier workplace culture, with complete transparency between teams and individuals, helping cultivate more leaders for the organization.
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