How Italica Increased Their Revenue Operations By 27% In A Single Quarter
September 3, 2020

Company Overview

Italica is a premium Plastic Moulding and Manufacturing Brand.

They manufacture chairs, tables, and other material handling products

What Was Going Wrong

Italica had a lot of things going right for themselves. All they needed was a solution that could:

  • Help accelerate their sales operations
  • Digitizing the whole process
  • Enabling these operations to proceed at scale.

Where Italica Needed Help

Achieving all of this with one tool was what Italica expected and Fieldproxy delivered.

Before Fieldproxy

  • No proper route optimization or location based task allocation plan. Managers were unable to identify or track work completion rates, or gather proper data.
  • Attendance tracking an impossible task. Field agents are required to travel between states, and manual punching just does not allow for that.
  • Paper-bound invoice maintaining becoming burdensome. Regenerating invoices every time for new orders and getting them manually approved is a task.
  • Tracking everything manually.  It is a hectic task trying to retrieve past data and perform analysis. Again, time consuming and tedious.
  • Excessive reliance on telephone calls and manual paperwork for sales orders. Slow, ineffective, and cumbersome.

After Fieldproxy

  • Remote attendance tracking system, allowing agents to log in from anywhere in the globe using their location and biometrics.
  • Expense tracking and management dashboards enable easier tracking of finances for individual teams.
  • Location based talk allocation and reporting. Allows for accurate data and eliminates miscommunication.
  • Detailed, live reporting and data collection. Managers will be able to view live data of every employee from the comfort of their laptop.
  • Super fast deployment, with 100% customization and flexibility

What We Did?


Migrate Operations Online

Transfered all of Italica’s sales operations online on the Fieldproxy app, providing their sales teams to just login and access past data with zero to little effort.

Simple Task Allocation

Provided managers to be able to use geofencing to allocate tasks to the salesmen closest to the stores

Real-Time Dashboards

Designed real-time dashboards enabling managers to view data as soon as their sales team records it from their mobile app.

Merchandising and Order Management

Enabled field sales teams to perform merchandising and taking down sales orders from the app.

The End Result

  • Revenue Operations increased by 27% in three months.
  • Reduced operation time and sales conversion times by 22%
  • Enabled scalability of the organization at zero additional cost

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