Infinity Credit

Infinity Credit Solutions aims at easing the financial burden on clients by providing a hassle free borrowing experience at competitive interest rates
October 23, 2021

Company Overview

Infinity Credit Solutions aims at easing the financial burden on clients by providing a hassle-free borrowing experience at competitive interest rates

What Infinity Needed

Infinity Credit Solutions had a lot of things going right for them.

With a few tweaks here and there, and a responsible automation and tracking tool in place, they were able to scale their company to new heights within a couple of months.

Remote Attendance Check-ins

Infinity needed a way to know where their employees were checking in, and if their tasks were getting done.

Visit Planning And Debt Collection

Employee task visibility was another major concern for Infinity that Fieldproxy addressed.

How Fieldproxy Helped Infinity

Attendance Monitoring

Complete check-in and check-out solutions for Infinity’s field teams ensured their visit agents were active throughout the day, and their managers knew about it.

Route Planning Checklists

Managers would be able to use Fieldproxy to allocate tasks and items to agents, who would then go on field visits and perform debt collection from the assigned prospects

Live Reporting

Managers also have complete visibility over their visit agents’ activities through location-based task activity updation, all in real-time. This also provided for easier data curation.

Customizable Dashboards

One hundred percent customizable dashboards meant that Infinity could use any data across any number of reports, building their own personalized data presentations in a varied number of ways.

The Results

30% Increase in on-ground team productivity. In less than 3 months of implementation.

22% Increase in workforce visibility, with agent performance metrics, tracked as effectively as possible.

70% Jump in recovered payments, with 15% more upsell opportunities created in one quarter.

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