Hi-Tech Medical Uses Fieldproxy

Why One of India's Biggest Colleges Trusts Fieldproxy For Its Marketing Efforts
March 6, 2024


Hi-Tech Medical college is a one-of-its-kind multi-specialty hospital and educational institute, that trusts Fieldproxy with enabling its marketing team and pushing its organization to new levels. Let's take a closer look at how we help Hi-Tech achieve all its ambitious goals.

Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar: Placement, Admission  2024, Course, Fee & Ranking by Dial Education

About The Company

As the premier Private Medical College in Eastern India and Odisha, Hi-Tech Medical College, Bhubaneswar (HMCH, BBSR) holds the distinction of being the first of its kind in the region. Since its establishment, the college has consistently upheld a standard of excellence in medical education, attracting both faculty and students from across the nation.

Founded through the pioneering efforts of esteemed doctors with national recognition, their enduring influence can be traced throughout the Lecture Theatres, Laboratories, Library, and hallways of the institution. HMCH, BBSR stands as a comprehensive institution, providing a wide range of services for patient diagnosis and care. It currently stands as the preeminent center for medical education in the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar.

Synonymous with top-notch clinical care, advanced research, and high-quality training, HMCH, BBSR encapsulates these elements under one roof, cementing its reputation as a leading institution in the field of medical education.

Client Champion

Sukhadev has been in the industry for over 3 years, and is a key component in propelling Hi-Tech Medical's marketing efforts. He has also been an advocate in this partnership with Fieldproxy to help boost Hi Tech's field teams and drive optimal performance.

"Fieldproxy provides the support we need to manage the key areas of operation at Indigo Paints. Among other things, it enables us to gain real-time site visit data and support for our processes”
- Divyanshika, HR at Indigo Paints

Obstacles In Hi-Tech’s Growth Plans

Hi Tech has a massive field marketing operation. They have agents across the Indian subcontinent and wanted a solution that could help their managers simplify how all sales visits were being monitored.

Manual Agent Performance Measurement

Despite having a huge number of field team professionals under their belt, our client had a manual approach to how they operate them. This meant that things could be improved in certain aspects along the organization that would help boost conversions further.

Slower Communication During Visits

With large teams you also get a fairly more complex organizational chain, and any change or communication takes a long time to reach everyone when you’re doing things manually. This rings true especially when your agents are out on the field. Something needed to change, because faster communication through the chain equals faster execution of ideas and better data-backed results.

A Process To Also Help Log Travel Expenses

Field agents also travel a lot, and any expenses and claims need to be managed effectively. Hi-Tech needed support on this aspect as well, and Fieldproxy was more than happy to deliver.

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Indigo Paint’s Partnership With Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is proud to have partnered with Hi-Tech Medical to help align their field teams towards the mission and vision of the organizations. Here’s how we helped Hi-Tech overcome their challenges.

1. Updated Marketing Visit Processes

Leveraging Fieldproxy’s advanced lead creation and marketing visit scheduling features, Hi-Tech field sales professionals were able to decrease turnaround time drastically. The features helped outside sales professionals perform faster sales visits. How?

  • Sales professionals create customer details on the Fieldproxy app
  • Manage visits through the mobile app
  • Managers get notified immediately when a visit detail is updated

2. Transparent Expense Management 

With a provision for field teams to now add and raise expense requests for their travels, Fieldproxy enabled Sukhadev and his teams with an easier way to handle all of their agents’ expense requests and approvals.

"Fieldproxy provides the support we need to manage the key areas of operation at Indigo Paints. Among other things, it enables us to gain real-time site visit data and support for our processes.” - Divyanshika, HR at Indigo Paints

How Easy Did We Make It For Hi-Tecj?

While traditional field team management solutions take countless hours of development time before clients can even get a look of the product, Fieldproxy took Indigo Paints from onboarding to training to account hand-off within 7 days.

This is thanks to Fieldproxy’s underlying no-code framework, which helps organizations customize the solutions to their liking, saving hundreds of hours a year going back and forth with tech teams for every request.

Couple this with the intuitive dashboards and reports that managers can make sense of in real-time, and you have a winning solution for your field teams.

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