GroMo Financial Services

GroMo Financial leverages Fieldproxy to build the best sales collection team. Here's how

About The Company

GroMo stands out as the premier app for selling financial products, empowering every Indian to generate a monthly income exceeding INR 1 lakh. Through this platform, users can effectively market a range of financial products, including insurance policies, credit cards, savings accounts, Demat accounts, loans, and various other offerings.

Obstacles In Gromo's Growth Plans

GroMo faced challenges that they needed to overcome in order to continue providing their customers with top-notch service. One of their main challenges was loan collection. As a finance aggregator, they needed to ensure that their customers were able to pay back their loans on time, and that the collection process was streamlined and efficient. Additionally, managing attendance and leave for their employees was a time-consuming task that needed to be simplified. Lastly, real-time location tracking was a necessity to ensure that their field service team was able to provide quick and efficient service to their customers.

Gromo's Partnership With Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is glad to have partnered with GroMo to help align their field teams towards the mission and vision of the organization. Here’s how we helped GroMo overcome their challenges in as little as two months.

Loan Collection 

Fieldproxy provided GroMo with a ticket management system that enabled them to track and manage their loan collection process in real-time. This helped the client to optimize their resource allocation and reduce response times.

Attendance and Leave Management

Fieldproxy provided GroMo with an attendance management system that helped them to manage their field service team's attendance and leave in a hassle-free way. This helped GroMo to reduce errors and improve their operational efficiency.

Real-time Location Tracking

Fieldproxy provided GroMo with a real-time location tracking system that helped them to monitor their field service team's location in real-time. This helped our client to optimize their resource allocation and improve their response times.

How Is GroMo's Sales Team Doing Now?

  • Agents are reportedly able to approach more opportunities than they could before, meaning faster prospect qualification and more sales and service
  • GroMo to improve their business processes, reduce costs, and enhance their customer experience.
  • 150+ responses recorded on the Fieldproxy app, per day. 1050+ responses a week means a lot of data for managers to make better decisions in just a few minutes, instead of spending multiple hours trying to make sense of data on paper.

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