Fizzy Freeze

Fizzy Freeze's partnership with Fieldproxy transformed their sales processes, attendance management, and revenue growth, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.
June 1, 2023


Fizzy Freeze- a whimsical beverage- Their manufacturing unit located in goa, India. They faced with various challenges in managing their field sales team and streamlining their operations. To overcome these obstacles, Fizzy Freeze entered into a partnership with Fieldproxy, a trusted field service management solution.

This case study highlights how the collaboration with Fieldproxy revolutionized Fizzy Freeze's sales visit processes, attendance and leave management, and overall business performance.

Obstacles In Fizzy Freeze Growth Plans

Fizzy Freeze, which makes and sells a lot of soft drinks, had trouble keeping track of their sales visits and field sales workers' attendance. Fizzy Freeze partnership with Fieldproxy, to deal with these problems and improve their sales processes. 

Sales Visit Processes

To overcome their sales and attendance management challenges, Fizzy Freeze partnered with Fieldproxy, a reliable field service management solution. Leveraging Fieldproxy’s advanced lead creation and sales visit scheduling features, Fizzy Freeze field sales professionals were able to decrease turnaround time drastically. The features helped outside sales professionals perform faster sales visits. Specifically:

  • Sales professionals onboarding on the Fieldproxy app.
  • They can schedule visits through the mobile app, which helps them save time and plan their schedule more efficiently.
  • Sales professionals can take down orders and sales directly through the app.
  • Managers get notified immediately when a sale is made, enabling them to quickly respond to customer needs.
  • Even if a sale is not made, a follow-up visit is scheduled from the mobile app itself, ensuring that potential customers are not missed.

Attendance Management

Fieldproxy's attendance management solutions revolutionized the way Fizzy Freeze managed the attendance and leaves of their field agents. The following benefits were observed:

Real-time Tracking: Fieldproxy enabled managers to track their field agents' check-in, check-out, and activity in real time. This feature boosted overall oversight by providing visibility into their agents' whereabouts.

Effective Communication: Fieldproxy facilitated seamless communication between agents and managers, allowing for real-time updates on service activities. This eliminated the need for manual reporting and saved countless hours of processing time each year.

Product Catalogue

Fieldproxy's product catalogue feature empowered Fizzy Freeze's sales agents by eliminating the need to carry the entire product dictionary. 

Simplified Order Taking: Sales professionals could easily take down sales orders using the Fieldproxy mobile app, which contained the comprehensive product catalogue. This simplified the ordering process and increased efficiency.

How Are Fizzy Freeze Sales Team Doing Now?

The partnership between Fizzy Freeze and Fieldproxy yielded remarkable improvements in various aspects of the business. The following key metrics reflect the positive outcomes of this collaboration:

Increased Response Rate: Fizzy Freeze's sales team recorded 12% more responses on the Fieldproxy app, amounting to more than 30% responses. This significant volume of data enabled managers to make informed decisions in minutes instead of hours, improving overall efficiency.

Improved Response Times: Sales agents reported being able to approach more opportunities than before, resulting in faster prospect qualification. This increased responsiveness enhanced customer satisfaction and accelerated the sales process.

Revenue Growth: Fizzy Freeze experienced a year-over-year revenue increase of 22%. This substantial growth enabled the company to expand its operations and solidify its position as a market leader in the production and sourcing of frozen beverages in the region.


By leveraging the advanced features of Fieldproxy's field service management solution, Fizzy Freeze achieved its growth plans and continued to excel in the competitive market of frozen beverages. The collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of technology in optimizing sales processes and facilitating business growth.

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