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See how Fieldproxy assists financial service businesses in completing daily tasks such as lead creation, expense management, attendance and even more.
June 19, 2023


In today's world of finance and business, you need new ideas to stay ahead of the competition. This use case looks at how Fieldproxy, a cutting-edge tracking and management software, has changed how a well-known financial services client runs their business every day.

Challenges They Overcame

Prior to implementing Fieldproxy, the financial services client faced several challenges that hindered their efficiency and hindered their growth potential. These challenges included:

Tracking Marketing Visits

The client struggled with accurately tracking marketing visits, resulting in missed opportunities and a lack of data-driven decision-making. Manual lead creation and follow-up processes were time-consuming and prone to errors, hampering their sales efforts.

Inefficient Call Reporting

Without a streamlined system, creating call reports was a labor-intensive process, consuming valuable time and resources. The lack of a centralized platform led to inconsistencies, making it challenging to analyze call data effectively.

Current Situation After Using Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy proved to be the game-changer the financial services client needed, revolutionizing their daily operations. With the implementation of Fieldproxy, the client achieved the following outcomes:

Seamless Lead Creation and Follow-up

The client was able to collect and organise leads quickly and easily with Fieldproxy's easy-to-use software. Automation features made it easier to follow up on leads and made sure that none of them were forgotten. Real-time updates and messages made them more responsive, which led to a higher rate of leads turning into customers.

Streamlined Call Reporting

Fieldproxy's made it easier to make and analyse call records. The client gained from templates that could be changed and automated data capture, which cut down on manual work and made sure the data was correct. The client was able to find patterns, improve strategies, and improve total performance by getting detailed information about call activities.

Enhanced Daily Attendance

The Fieldproxy mobile app made it easy for field service and sales teams to track participation. The client could check attendance in real time, which made sure that everyone was accountable and that work got done. Automated attendance reports saved time and gave useful information for judging the success of the workforce.

Efficient Expense Management

The cost tracking and reimbursement processes were made easier by Fieldproxy's integrated expense management module. Employees could easily record and send in costs, which would cut down on paperwork and administrative work. The client got a better handle on their costs, better compliance, and a clearer picture of their finances.

Streamlined Leave Management And Approval

The whole process of taking a leave was made digital by Fieldproxy's leave management software. Agents could ask for time off, and managers could accept it through the platform. This cut down on paperwork and made the approval process run more smoothly. The client saw more openness, fewer mistakes, and better control of their workforce.

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This financial services client has seen a huge change in how they do business since they started using Fieldproxy. The problems they used to have, like keeping track of marketing visits, making leads, reporting calls, reporting daily attendance, managing expenses, and managing time off, have been solved.

Because Fieldproxy has strong features and an easy-to-use interface, the client has been able to increase efficiency, make decisions based on data, and improve their business processes. With Fieldproxy as their trusted partner, the financial services client continues to grow and beat the competition in today's changing market.

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