Apollo Hospitals

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June 9, 2022

About The Company

Apollo Hospitals is a prominent name in the healthcare industry, established in 1983.

Standing as Asia's premier integrated healthcare services provider with a vast and comprehensive presence in the healthcare ecosystem, Apollo Hospitals operates hospitals, pharmacies, primary care and diagnostic clinics, and various retail health models.

Beyond these, the Apollo Group extends its influence into telemedicine services, health insurance, global projects consultancy, medical colleges, e-learning through Medvarsity, nursing colleges, hospital management institutions, and a dedicated research foundation.

Obstacles In Apollo Hospitals Growth Plans

Apollo Hospitals, a healthcare giant, faced several challenges as it tried to meet patient expectations and maintain its high standards. One of its biggest issues was managing its enormous laboratory equipment, which was essential for accurate diagnostics and excellent patient care. Overseeing maintenance schedules, calibration, and service for a multiplicity of diagnostic instruments in many facilities had become increasingly complicated and time-consuming.

Apollo's vast network of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies made real-time location tracking difficult. Monitoring assets like medical equipment, dedicated staff, and cars had become a major obstacle. Lack of visibility hampered operational efficiency and patient care by delaying emergency responses and coordination.

In addition to operational challenges,

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