SaaS Sales Funnel And How Fieldproxy Built One For Itself

Fieldproxy's SaaS sales funnel is one that was built upon a lot of blood, sweat, and trail and error.

Shoaib Ahmed
3 min
May 31, 2023
SaaS Sales Funnel

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SaaS Sales Funnels

Sales funnels have been one of the most focussed aspects of a business for as long as we remember. What is the best way to get leads? Through referral? Advertising? Social media? Direct mail? Cold calling?

You would think that it is social media but the truth is - the real answer is - you need to build the perfect sales funnel that consists of leveraging everything in your power to get leads for your business. This blog is an introductory blog that will walk you through that process for SaaS products. Learn how to build your own sales funnel, just like we did here at Fieldproxy.

What Is A SaaS Sales Funnel?

We all know what a sales funnel is - you build a process, layer by layer, to generate leads, convert them, and make money as a result. The finer the sales funnel, the better the results, the more money going into the company.

A SaaS funnel is simply a sales funnel built around a software service or solution. Everything in the funnel is built keeping the product in mind. But that does not mean creating a SaaS sales funnel is easy, just because you know how to create a sales funnel - they are both very different in their respects.

How To Build A SaaS Sales Funnel

Building a SaaS sales funnel is a tough journey, one involving a lot of trial and error, adding and removing a lot of moving parts, and spending some green. Naturally, you need to proceed with caution because there’s only so much money you can burn without running your business to the ground.

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot build a budding lead channel out of it. Fieldproxy’s doing pretty well with its SaaS sales funnel in place. You can too, and here’s how you do it:

Get Your Lead Magnets In Place

A lead magnet is anything that will get a random person hooked or interested to learn more about your product. Picture an ad campaign talking about your service or something like a limited-time deal. Lead magnets don’t have to stick to one thing and can build up onto many different things as you go, but the main goal should remain the same - getting the potential target hooked.

With Fieldproxy, our aim was clear - get the customer hooked on the idea of no-code automation, and you’re in! It was simple but took a lot of time to get right.

You Need A Demo Page. Period.

Once you’ve got someone into your landing page through your lead magnet, it’s time to show them how good your product is. A demo page helps potential audiences know exactly what your product does, how it helps them, and what opportunities await them if they sign up. Every business needs a demo page. Period.

Free Trials Are Always Nice

The demo page is always a setup for the free trial. Your product needs to be so appealing that it reels in your audience from the get-go. Your audience will get a free trial of your product and then you let them decide whether or not it's a good fit for them.

Our product always has a seven-day free trial so our audience can get a thorough look and feel of what Fieldproxy does and has the potential to be. Once they know the impact Fieldproxy has on their business, they’re ready to open their wallets.

So, what if they don’t like it?


This is where the fun starts. You either know your product is needed by the particular person, or you don’t. And there’s only one way to know - you bombard them with your ads again. There are a few ways you can go about with retargeting your audience, and the benefits your reap with this are great, including:

Getting inactive users back into the game Upselling to potential clients Getting heavy shoppers who weren’t really into it the first time, but now need it for some reason Fencers, or people who were on the fence and just needed a little push to get them on our ranks

Retargeting is very important, and if your funnel is missing it, you’re doing something wrong.

The Thank You Page

Because they’re paying you and keeping your business running. It’s only right that you thank them properly. A video or two sending a thanks goes a long way(also helps in upselling).

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! A SaaS Sales Funnel crash course, that got us a lot of clients, and hopefully will for you too (in case you’re looking into building one).

Of course, this is not all we did. We used email marketing and focused on social media outreach, along with several reach and branding tactics. With sales funnels for SaaS products, as with any business, there’s a lot of trial and error involved.

You have to be willing to listen to the numbers and make adjustments fast, figuring stuff out as you go. We approach our SaaS sales funnel the same way at Fieldproxy - we build and break and build processes up again, every time going up a little wiser than before. That’s the fun thing about sales funnels, really. High Risk? Yes, but also very fun.

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SaaS Sales Funnel And How Fieldproxy Built One For Itself

Shoaib Ahmed
May 31, 2023
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