Is Connecteam Better Than Fieldproxy For Attendance Monitoring?

Before you buy, get the lowdown on Connecteam vs. Fieldproxy. You'll find out what the most popular solution is, how well it works, and how to choose the right solution for your school.

Shoaib Ahmed
5 min read
March 26, 2024
Connecteam Better Than Fieldproxy

What's On This Page?

  • Introduction
  • What is Connecteam?
  • What is Fieldproxy?
  • Key Features And Differences
  • What Is Connecteam Lacking?
  • A Far Better Connecteam Alternative: Fieldproxy


Connecteam is a great tool for employee time tracking and monitoring for your business, but there are certainly several aspects where it can do much better. Users are impressed with Connecteam, but also have a lot of complaints about the attendance management software that we’ve found are in desperate need to be addressed. Enter Fieldproxy.

What Is Connecteam?

Connecteam is a SaaS platform for employee attendance management platform targeting companies that manage field agents. It helps create and display appointments easily, create simple reports to track data, and assign tasks to employees and track progress in a much more user-friendly interface. It does have its fair share of problems, but Connecteam is a very helpful tool for thousands of organisations around the world.

What Is Fieldproxy?

Fieldproxy is an all in one field survey management solution that also functions as an attendance management and employee monitoring tool to handle your entire field operations. It is a full-featured software product that helps managers of nearly every industry - retail, pharma, consumer goods, real estate and construction - to collect data in a structured format, process it faster and more efficiently, and get things done in a much more organized manner.

Managers can create workflows for their employees from the web dashboard and assign tasks for their agents within minutes.

It has a user-friendly mobile app from which the field agents can update the tasks once they complete them, and managers can get their field updates in real-time.

Key Features And Differences

There are a lot of things that make Fieldproxy the better alternative to Connecteam, or most other field survey management apps in the market, especially in 2021. We’ll go over each of those sections that make Fieldproxy special in just a bit, but first, let’s understand both products better.

Location Tracking


Trying to monitor your field team when they are out collecting data is a difficult task without tools like Connecteam. Connecteam’s integrated location tracking makes this a relatively simple job.

Although the app does have a lot of bugs, the location tracker does a fairly decent job and is extremely reliable in certain cases. It lets you drill down to the current location of every member of your field team. Also displays all the pertinent information on their day’s schedule and accomplishments.


Fieldproxy not only provides all the basic features like tracking the agent's current location, monitoring their schedule but also the essential features its counterpart lacks.

  • The software is AI-powered to know the detailed location metrics of your team.
  • You can automate your expense management based on the distance travelled
  • Get accurate reports of the idle time of the agent, time spent in client locations and much more.
  • Automated solutions for logistic operations.

Attendance Management

Attendance management helps your field teams to punch into work from anywhere in the world, along with location validation from where they punched in. This allows them to start working without coming to the office, just to mark their attendance.


Connecteam has a punch-in feature that does exactly what it intends to. It lets them go to work in the field without having to come into the office just to mark themselves present. Works exactly as advertised.


Besides the elementary check-in and check-out feature, Fieldproxy puts a little more effort into monitoring your field sales teams by introducing a few more mechanisms.

  • Image tagging with attendance
  • Geo-Fencing the Attendance.
  • Location tracking of the attendance.
  • Leave management / Shift management
  • Review reports in the dashboard
  • Supervisor attendance
  • Timesheet tracking

Dashboard and Insights

Dashboards are pretty self-explanatory. They give you insights on what’s going on with the team in a decent layout, with all the important stuff that you need to concern yourself with.


We have to give it to Connecteam. Their intuitive UI platform is one of the best when it comes to field survey tools. It could use some improvements in terms of usability and presentation, but we’re sure they’re working on it as we speak.


Fieldproxy takes care to present all the metrics you’ll need to start your day the right way, on the dashboard. Everything is laid out in simple, clear decks and it becomes a fairly simple task to just look at these decks and understand what’s going on with your team, what they’re doing right, and where they can improve themselves.

For instance, for sales expenses, the dashboard will provide a clear view of all the sales expenses like travel expenses, food expenses, call costs and whatnot. The manager can save an ample amount of time by getting actionable insights from a single glance.

The benefits of the Fieldprox y dashboard compared to Connecteam also branch out in the following ways:

  • Unique dashboard creation
  • Identify bottlenecks easily
  • Track team workload, service details and more
  • Export reports from a single click
  • Increased efficiency

Book a free demo call for Fieldproxy today, and transform the way your field survey teams operate.

Customer Address Management

The location-awareness in Connecteam serves as a great tool for maintaining the quality of customer address databases. Whether it’s a long-standing customer who’s shifted office, or a new prospect being visited for the first time, your sales force can ‘pin’ the address which ensures that the information is accurate.

Fieldproxy also does a nice job with its CRM system for field survey teams. It handles all the nitty-gritty of life on the field, so all your employees can breathe and do what they do best, instead of trying to focus on getting documents done.

Activity Report Logging

Using this feature, the field representatives can submit outcomes of meetings right from the time they step out of them. This enables them to report the meeting summary to their team and managers without wasting time.

Both Connecteam and Fieldproxy do a great job at these, so it’s a tie on this end.

What Is Connecteam Lacking?

Connecteam is a decent tool for checking on your field survey team regularly, gathering inputs, and collating data. But it lacks in a lot of areas, and that just doesn’t justify the cost at which you get the service. You can read the reviews for Connecteam here.

We highlight some of the most bothersome features in Connecteam that are making it a tough job for us to give you the green signal on getting it.

Poor Onboarding Experiences

A lot of customers have complained that getting things started with Connecteam is one of the most difficult tasks they’d had to do. Setting up your account doesn’t have to be that hard.

But it is sometimes with Connecteam, and it leaves a bad first impression on businesses. Fieldproxy has a whole demo session that you can get to know if the product is a right fit for your business needs, or if there are things that you’ll need to get started. Connecteam lacks that.

Subpar Customer Support

When you call for support, as a customer you’d always want your issue clarified immediately. Connecteam has long ticket resolution times, and that just puts a black spot on them right away. Unlike Fieldproxy - which has real-time live support, even on WhatsApp - Connecteam really needs to work on this issue. Connecteam also has trouble with working for industries apart from FMCG.


Since Connecteam has been in the game for about half a decade now, we’d expect a less bothersome experience while using it for our field teams, but despite how friendly and intuitive it is, Connecteam just doesn’t work sometimes

A Far Better Connecteam Alternative: Fieldproxy

What do you do when you deliver wrong or defective products to your customers by mistake? Simple. You replace it. This is exactly what you should do when you choose the wrong field attendance management software. You should go for better alternatives.

And the best replacement for Connecteam is Fieldproxy. In a nutshell, it is a product that helps managers and teams of retail, restaurant chains, consumer goods, construction, and real estate companies to collect data from the field in a structured format.

Managers can create tasks through a web dashboard and assign tasks to agents on the field. It is a very effective field sales management and attendance monitoring software, but it also does more than that:

More Leads = Flourishing Business

Fieldproxy helps your field sales team reach your customers at the right time with the right message to help you drive sales. It helps your force to build personalized experiences and stand out from the competition. The feature of optimum lead distribution helps in dynamic rule-based allocation of leads so that the sales reps are only assigned leads based on their existing workload and their likelihood to close the deal.

Saves Time And Increases Productivity

Fieldproxy allows your field survey team to find all the field data on a single platform. Additionally, with features like real-time live location tracking, one can know the effective time spent in the field by their survey men. Hence it helps in tracking and improving any field agent’s productivity and building better customer relationships.

Visualize And Manage Well

Fieldproxy is no doubt a better alternative than apps like Fieldsense and Connecteam because of multiple reasons. You get multiple visual data structures to analyze and make decisions more clearly, helping your team steer in the right direction much faster.

Plus, one can easily track the progress of his/her deals across multiple stages. Features like complete sales automation take all your load and you never have to manually intervene in the entire process once you set it up.

Pricing And Support

With Fieldproxy, you get a fixed fee with no hidden costs. The quality of their work speaks for itself. They have plenty of features and everything is crystal clear, at a budget that’s really hard to beat.

Moreover, Fieldproxy has real-time live support, including support over WhatsApp. It is an all-in-one tool to manage your field team's operations. Whether you manage a 5 member field team or a 500 member field team - the pricing is all the same. The tool adapts as you scale and grows your business.

The Final Verdict

Finding the best Field service management can be tough. You would have noticed that the market is dominated by the so-called top players. Don't let The ratings influence your decision when looking for an FSM tool.

If you streamline your search by taking multiple factors that I mentioned above into consideration, a solution like Fieldproxy proves a greater value for money and will be a perfect fit for your business than the pricier software.

You are just a click away from trying out Fieldproxy Field management software. Book a free demo now to start experiencing the best possible alternative for Connecteam.

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Is Connecteam Better Than Fieldproxy For Attendance Monitoring?

Shoaib Ahmed
March 26, 2024
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