Integrate With Indiamart To Convert More Leads

Indiamart has a network of over 40,000 suppliers, partners and customers. Reach them all through a single platform.

Shoaib Ahmed
3 min read
June 2, 2023
How To Integrate With Indiamart To Convert More Leads

Integrate With Indiamart To Convert More Leads

Shoaib Ahmed
June 2, 2023

What's On This Page?

  • Indiamart lead manager
  • Features of IndiaMART lead manager
  • How do you send an Enquiry?
  • What is Fieldproxy CRM?
  • Managing leads from IndiaMART through Fieldproxy integration

Do you know?

 IndiaMART is the only firm across the country, which gives everything in writing when you deal with them for any subscription of any package. It will provide you with 100-200 direct leads which will come directly from your catalogue on Indiamart and also the indirect leads.

IndiaMart Lead manager

Capturing the lead is just half the battle. Managing and following up is the other half which is very grueling. Indiamart provides a solution to completely reduce the effort that you have to put in the later half. Now learn more on: How To Generate Leads With IndiaMart

Lead manager is designed to organize, manage and track all your leads in the most efficient way possible and convert them to your business. It has a panel that helps you view your conversations with buyers across all platforms such as email, desktop, Whatsapp, etc., and shows them under a single pane.

Features of IndiaMART lead manager

Now we'll have a closer look at the features it provides and the potential to transform your business to the next level.

Manage your contacts

Indiamart provides you with a dedicated portal to handle the contacts effortlessly from one place. You can add a contact to the existing contacts, search and remove the contacts from the list.

Lead manager automatically enriches the lead, contact, and account profiles by automatically analyzing the necessary information like social media profiles, location, and geography and sends you an accurate report about how well they fit your profile.

Send Instant reply

As I mentioned earlier, follow-up and connecting are as crucial as acquiring the lead. With the lead manager, you don't have to shuffle between multiple apps to connect with your prospect. It offers you a default template that allows you to simply perform the following operations other than an instant reply to the buyers,

  • Send a reply
  • Receive a reply
  • Save replies
  • Make use of the Unread section
  • Save as Notes
  • Attach files with the replies
  • Monitor reply (read/unread)

Create Quotation

Want to make your buyers buy your product within 2 clicks? You can utilize the quotation to achieve that. The quotation is simply a formatted document created in response to the buyer's requirement. Let's have a look at the benefit it provides for both buyers and sellers.

For Sellers :
  • Helps to initiate the seller's discussion with the buyer
  • You can create the quotation in a professional format as you wish, and share it instantly with the buyer.
  • Saves a lot of time in negotiation.
For Buyers :
  • Buyers can easily compare the quotations they've received from multiple buyers and make quick decisions.
  • It reduces the wait time to less than half
  • Buyers can contact sellers who provide the best deal with numbers in a quotation.


Indiamart lead manager allows you to send reminders across three channels, via email, SMS, and in-app reminders.

You just have to set the date and time along with the reminder text, and the tool automatically reminds your buyers about the purchase. Besides that, to make sure you never forget to follow up with the prospect, you can type a text that works as an alarm and reminds you to contact the buyer at the correct time. Ok, What if you have set the reminder at the wrong time? You can simply delete and reset the reminder in the seller dashboard.

Add Notes

The notes feature allows you to save all the relevant information of the buyer collectively in one place. You can add notes during the conversation with the buyer so that you remember all the information about them. Adding payment information as a note also enables you to keep track of remaining payments. You can set the visibility of notes to the buyer or just to yourself.

Add Labels

The lead manager allows suppliers to add labels to segments and organize their contacts under relevant categories. A label is simply a tag that can be added to any person in your contact list. Automatic labeling helps you to easily manage contacted leads and the leads that are yet to be contacted.

The contacted leads are automatically labelled when,

  • Replies & quotations are sent (or)
  • The reply is sent from the Buylead pop-up

Besides auto labelling, you can create, edit or assign new labels to your buyers, and the tool automatically arranges them under sections. There are 7 pre-defined labels such as

  • Important
  • Contacted
  • Follow up
  • Deal-done
  • Irrelevant
  • Negotiation
  • Quote sent

Managing enquiry

With a lead manager, you can perform various operations on enquiry such as sending quotations, reminders, or a follow-up using your seller panel.

How Do You Send An Enquiry?

If you are a buyer, you just search for a supplier on the Indiamart homepage. From the list of supplier results, click on the contact supplier button. Your enquiry will be instantly sent to the supplier.

From the list of enquiries, you can sort the previous enquiries and take necessary actions. The only drawback is, the tool does not allow you to export them into excel or pdf files.

Email syncing

The email sync manager is a beneficial feature that synchronizes all buyer communication through email within the platform. It allows you to view all the conversations from one place for efficient tracking. Similar to Whatsapp, you'll be notified with a blue tick, denoting that the buyer has read your response.

The best part is, other lead generation software like Udaan, Paytm mall, and SODA demands additional cost for email sync features. Indiamart makes it just a settings option and provides you free of cost.

But, Hold on. How do you manage these leads efficiently if you don't have software to streamline this entire process? Let's have a look at the most affordable and emerging CRM software for the Indian market.

What Is Fieldproxy CRM?

Fieldproxy CRM is a flagship product from Fieldproxy. It is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool with a long list of features.

Fieldproxy helps you in maintaining excellent customer relationships with premium features like an inbuilt AI-powered assistant, which helps you to find the right prospects and helps you to convert them quickly to business. Some of the other features that set Fieldproxy apart from other CRM software are,

  • End-to-end comprehensive solution
  • Highly scalable
  • Contact management
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High-quality web forms

Managing Leads From IndiaMART Through Fieldproxy Integration

There is no doubt that Indiamart brings you a multitude of high-quality leads. But, managing and converting those leads is crucial for you to thrive in this competitive environment. After using indiamart, most people easily acquire leads, but the problem lies in managing those leads and delighting them. This can be easily addressed by Fieldproxy CRM.

Fieldproxy CRM effectively handles the inquiries and later stages of the workflow, and customers can benefit from the integration. As soon as the inquiry is placed in Indiamart, an inquiry is also placed in the CRM. After integration, you can

  • Read new Indiamart leads
  • Automatically insert them as new leads in Fieldproxy CRM
  • Read all the sender details like address, contact number, inquiry date & time, company name, etc. from Indiamart
  • Schedule read information

Just sign up for a trial and try out our Field Management CRM tool-free Click here to sign up for a free trial today!!!

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